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The Example of the Philistines (29.5.16)

“The example of the Philistines is not to be followed by My people,

                                                         for the Philistines’ place in history is both invasive and obstructive,

                                                         for they knew the wording of the law but not the wisdom required within the application.

The example of the Philistines is as a culture set apart,

                                                          a culture not able to be blended,

                                                          a culture not familiar with the beauty and the style within the potter’s hands;

                                                                                                 the usefulness,

                                                                                                 the application,

                                                                                                   of the weaving the dyeing the assembling of the cloth;

                                                                                                           the attraction and enjoyment of the song and dance.

The example of the Philistines is one of austerity and criticism,

                                                  is one of separateness and comparison,

                                                  is one where the supercilious attained long noses to look down.

The example of the Philistines does not speak of companionship and friendship,

                                                  does not speak of sharing and laughter,

                                                  does not speak of relaxation in the evening of a sunset.

The example of the Philistines did not grant reasons for delay,

                                                  were addicted to the law,

                                                  took pride from within their capabilities and learning,

                                                  remained a disparate people even in their presence.

The example of the Philistines was not a powerhouse of achievement,

                                                  was one of presenting in the background,

                                                                          of inspecting what “was” and what “was not to be”:

                                                                                                               but not with the “how” and “when and “why”.

The example of the Philistines was one of severity within the law,

                                                                of a non-appreciation of the finer things in life,

                                                                of the practicality and observance linked to the functioning and purpose.

The example of the Philistines was not one of decoration,

                                                  was not one of forbearance,

                                                  was not one where children were running free.

The example of the Philistines was not one of love displayed,

                                                  was not one of a greeting with a smile,

                                                  was not one of humility but of excessive pride,

                                                  was not one of friendship bespoke with honour—

                                                                                              but rather at a distance with respect.

The example of the Philistines was as the wearing of a veneer of self-assertiveness,

                                                                                     a veneer of self-aggrandisement,

                                                                                     a veneer of self-assuredness,

                                                                                     a veneer of self-selection:

                                                                                               where opinions of others carry no need for consideration.

The example of the Philistines was hatched in times of need,

                                                                      in times of deprivation,

                                                                      in times of settlement:

                                                                            within a culture spreading from a shoreline where familiarity was missing
                                                                                                                                                     from the conditions as encountered.

The example of the Philistines was honed and tightened on the back of necessity,

                                                  was bred and spread upon the quest for survival,

                                                  was generated by the spirit of independence in a setting of non-reliance on the unreliable.

The example of the Philistines is not of traits to be copied,

                                                  is not of traits deserving of adoption,

                                                  is not of traits which should be seen to surface in My people.

        For My people are highly valued:

                                 have histories of interest,

                                 have histories of escapes,

                                 have histories associated with the overcoming,

                                 have histories associated with the persevering.  

        For My people with the precious souls are the spillover from tanks already full and overflowing,

                                                                       are the excess without a home looking for a place to settle,

                                                                       are the inhabitants under law of restrictions and conditions,

                                                                       are the squabblers and the bickerers going round and round and round,

                                                                       are the nitpickers of both a childish and a childless generation,

                                                                       are composed of the unqualified the disqualified the rejects of life.

          For such as these seek the shelter of the secure,

                                       express no gratitude for assistance,

                                       confirm the worst in life each time their mouths are opened,

                                       blame a lack of understanding,

                                       retreat on an offering of indifference,

                                       have difficulty with communication of their needs,

                                       have surrendered all hope born of experience with the out-turn of the days.

        For such as these are the new found stars of God,

                                          the uncut gems of God,

                                          the diamonds in the rough with the sparkle still inside,

                                          the diamonds waiting to be cut so purity can surface in release:

                                                                           with a temple of assembly from the workshop of The Lord.

        For such as these are the precious lambs of God destined for success:

                                                                where My garden awaits the entrance of the pearls of God as sheep within My flock.                        

        For My people seek and find.

               My people knock,

                                 the door opens.

                My people accept and rejoice.

        For My people have an ability to recognize the truth,

                                                         to speak the truth,

                                                         to extol the truth,

                                                         to process the truth,

                                                         to restore the truth,

                                                         to keep the truth within their hearts,

                                                                                               their spirits and their souls;

                                                                                     so bodies are not sacrificed in vain,

                                                with the destiny of choice espousing the truth in its fullness of belonging,

                                                                                                                          in its fullness of expression,

                                                                                                                          in its fullness of the exhalation of
                                                                                                                                                                 the hidden and absurd—

                                                                                                                  with the recovery of the purity so valued and re-acquired.

        For My people should not be able to be confused with the Philistines of old.

        For My people answer to a different call,

                                 know a different walk,

                                 have a different destination—

                                          which speaks of a royal prerogative due the Kings and Queens within the royalty of God:

                                                                                  with the kingdoms of The Crown under the auspices of The Living Loving God.”


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