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The Garden of God (2) 13.5.16)

“The garden of eternity is variable and beautiful.

The garden of God is divisible and active,

                               is progressive and relaxing,

                               is similar yet different,

                               is wondrous and exhilarating,

                               stretches across divides in reaching out to the spectacular.

The gardens of God are designed—


                                       denoted for their quality of thoughtfulness and access.

The gardens of God are the playgrounds of His family,

                                 are the parks of recreation with the venues,

                                 are the havens where the viewings are outstanding with the interest levels high.

The gardens of God are built in part:

                                           upon the themes from the past history of the Earth,

                                                    the themes from the present dispositions of the Earth,

                                                    the themes which are yet to be in the future releasing of the Earth,

                                                    the many themes scattered far and wide within the creativity of God.

The gardens of God have very many facets which appeal to the diverse characters of My people,

                                                                      which appeal to memories from childhood,

                                                                      which appeal to the times of happiness where contentment reigns supreme.

The gardens of God know neither aches nor pains,

                                 know neither stumbles nor trips,

                                 know neither hesitations nor excessive pauses.

The gardens of God assist and revitalise:

                                 renew at the tables of exhaustion resulting from  the unrestrained coming and the going;

                                 refresh at the tables of the fare where choice abounds aplenty;

                                 replenish at the tables of recuperation from the exertions of the day;

                                 recover at the tables of repose from the excitements of the senses;

                                 reassemble at the tables of discovery where the minds assimilate the input of the visiting.

The gardens of God are the micro- and the macrocosms of creation;

                                 are the displays of record of the handiworks— 

                                                                               as prepared by the chief protagonists;

                                 are the amphitheatres and the auditoriums of the revelation of activity—

                                                                                            on the grandest of the scales—

                                                                                                  with the magnificence of detail.

The gardens of God are teeming with life in all its varied forms,

                                                                   in all its various environments,

                                                                   in all its various purposes and functionings.

The gardens of God are filled with dioramas where life enacts existence,

                                                                        where life can convey understanding of the principles,

                                                                        where life can mature yet not age on the tableau of eternity.

The gardens of God stimulate responses;

                                 invigorate appreciation of the scope and scale;

                                 blend the rules of man with the principles of God.

The gardens of God reflect the ideas of the gardener who carried the specifics,

                                            the motivations which yielded the results,

                                            the end-time of accord where man is introduced to the handshake of creation.

The gardens of God are healthy and alive,

                                 are mobile and encircling,

                                 are orbital and returning.

The gardens of God are imposing and sanctified,

                                 are impressive and amazing,

                                 are outstanding and enfranchised.

The gardens of God are self-sustaining and reactive,

                                 are self-contained and isolated,

                                 are self-assured and insulated.

The gardens of God exchange information,

                                 issue invitations,

                                 provide the necessities of life.

The gardens of God are a gardener’s dream,

                                 are a gardener’s perfection,

                                 are a gardener’s design:

                                                   which is confirmation of the reality of man’s initial invitation to partake in a walk of faith.

The gardens of God lie beyond reach of an attack,

                                 lie beyond the capabilities resident in the mortalities of the species,

                                 lie beyond the reach of all but the family of God and those within His kingdom.

The gardens of God deserve the cynosure of man,

                                 are worth the commitment of man,

                                 are available with the cost of entry already paid in full.

The gardens of God speak of the lands which lie within eternity:

                                                                    all which God has prepared for man;

                                                                    all which awaits the acceptance and repentance of man—

                                                                                                         while dwelling in faith with grace within mortality.”


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