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The Glory of My Garden (27.5.16)

“The glory of My garden is difficult to communicate when still unseen.

The glory of My garden is difficult to imagine when expectations are not visualised,

                                                                           when the reality is not yet open for an entry,

                                                                           when the visitors have observations being far from complete yet still are lost
                                                                                                                                                                                            for words.

The glory of My garden witnesses the form of man in exaltation—

                                                                                   in the presence of his God:

                                                                                                exalted before his God,

                                                                                                exalted by his God,

                                                                                                exalted for his God.

The glory of My garden hosts for all eternity My people triumphant and rejoicing in exultation:

                                                               with the receiving of their inheritance—

                                                                                                 their existence with The Lord;

                                                                                                 their first sighting of the jewels of God
                               which were stored beyond the reach of man,

                                                                                        which were not razed by fire,

                                                                                        which were not placed within the reach of rust and thieves to appropriate,

                                                                                        which are emblazoned on their garments as statements of their love—

                                                                                                                         for their fellow man and for their God.

The glory of My garden is truly fit for Kings and Queens,

                                        matches up to promises,

                                        achieves and surpasses all the expectations and the wondering.

The glory of My garden is the setting which enhances the glory of My people,

                                                                                                      My people in their purity of thought and of expression,

                                                                                                      My people in their gratitude which makes their wait worth while,

                                                                                                      My people coated with amazement at the fitments and fittings,

                                                                                                                                           the furnishings and finishings,

                                                                                                                                           the fragile and fastidious,

                                                        all which prevail upon the senses for use and honouring in their new found freedom for activities.

The glory of My garden showcases the beautiful and the lovely,

                                                         the wonderful and marvellous,

                                                         the glorified and stately.

The glory of My garden exhibits the designs of God,

                                       portrays the designs of God,

                                       subscribes to the designs of God,

                                       appreciates the designs of God,

                                       revels in the designs of God,

                                       reflects the designs of God.

The glory of My garden is surrounded by the designs of God,

                                       is enhanced with the designs of God,

                                       exists within and for and through the designs of God.

The glory of My garden has no need of the future.

The glory of My garden is and is and is and forever shall be.

The glory of My garden continues on and on and on in glory without end.

The glory of My garden has no comparison,

                                        has no other lifeboat self-contained and independent,

                                        has no predilection to travel a preferential pathway:

                                                                       other than did and shall and does exist already.

The glory of My garden is a startling proposition,

                                       is an affirmed outreach among humanity,

                                       is a fresh call to man within the bounding of reality,

                                       is a fresh response in terms of the living water,

                                                                     in terms of meeting the requirements for life after death within mortality,

                                                                     in terms of evidence put before the eyes of man—

                                                  of signs wonders and miracles giving credence to the faith which reasons for such existence
                                                                                                   within the real-time testimonies of man.

The glory of My garden achieves all the objectives set by God,

                                       achieves all the rationales of theory and explanations,

                                       achieves all the considerations both relevant and real,

                                       achieves all the installations considered delightful and distinct,

                                       achieves all the comforts seen as wise and useful,

                                       achieves all the essentials for the ultimate and ubiquitous longevity of man:

                                                                                                         beyond the grave of his transition.

The glory of My garden is the opening venue for the grand finale of man:

                                        is there for those who commit to a berth of honour which ensures an arrival;

                                        is not a promoter of another line carrying respect into the stigma of the ultimate default.

The glory of My garden is offered freely to man who has the faith with the love declared,

                                                                                                           for the way prepared,

                                                                                                           in the setting when compared:

                                                                                                       his future home within the family of God.”


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