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The Hearing of My Call (11.6.16)

“The hearing of My call is for all so desiring in their hearts.

The hearing of My call is for all who so desire to know where they belong within the will of God,

                                                                        to know the outline of the walk with God,

                                                                        to know the companionship of God,

                                                                        to know a firm relationship with God.

The hearing of My call holds the mutual trust established as sacred within the fear of God,

                                      holds the forgiveness with Grace close to the offerings of Communion,

                                      holds righteousness with truth at the forefront of the soul,

                                      holds attention and willingness to go to stay to serve at the behest of God.

The hearing of My call requires prior loosing and binding,

                                      requires some preparation,

                                      requires the active use of My Spirit’s gifts,

                                      requires the stance of royalty within the fields of God.

The hearing of My call is not a once-off affair with God,

                                      is not open to be queried for acceptability,

                                      is not subject to dissent,

                                      is not open to procrastination,

                                      is not open to the imposing of conditions,

                                      is not a situation where the arguments of man should participate in a one-sided debate.

The hearing of My call is not made upon the deafened ears,

                                                          upon the ears turned aside,

                                                          upon the ears filled with idle chatter,

                                                          upon the ears turned off with inward introspection:

                                                                                 where the music is too loud;

                                                                                 where the music is self-servicing within the stops of brevity;

                                                                                 where the music is stacked with enablement to cycle round and round.

The hearing of My call breaks into the silence of the night,

                                      breaks into the silence of the day,

                                      breaks into the presence of My people as loosing is attached to each freewill. 

The hearing of My call can be a call by name which wakes the body in the night,

                                      can be a doorbell ringing in the light of day when no-one is found standing on a mat.

The hearing of My call necessitates the answering so a two way conversation can exist.

The hearing of My call is not always a necessary prior adjunct when conversing with God,

                                      can be reversed by the call of My people whom I know,

                                      by the call to Me via My Spirit is instantaneous and reliable,

                                      can be questioning and validating,

                                      is secure and immune to hacking.

The hearing of My call can answer a request for a word of knowledge,

                                      can answer an extended word of knowledge,

                                      can answer within the will of God,

                                      can clarify counsel and advise according to the issues raised,

                                                                                       according to the silence heard.

The hearing of My call is not subject to interruptions when establishing a connection,

                                      is not subject to an impairment within the ears of man,

                                      is not subject to acceptance when a cacophony of sound berates the ears of My people,

                                      is not subject to close attention when distractions rule in the surrounds while holiness absconds.

The hearing of My call can assist when in My ministry of proxy,

                                                       when before a request for healing,

                                                       when faced with the activity of a demon,

                                                       when there is a sincere desire to be the mouthpiece of God,

                                                                  as when My servants testify of the Good News to the multitudes:

                                                                                  so faith supplies the words to the mouth,

                                                                                     without a stutter or a stumble—

                                                            for my servants endowed with the mouth of God will not find such left empty or forlorn.

The hearing of My call has instances where dictation is involved,

                                      is subject to a speed involving a record being established,

                                      is purposing the content for a book,

                                      is proposing a course of action which is best written down.

The hearing of My call needs tests which will perceive alternative voices in the head.

The hearing of My call should not bring confusion,

                                      should not bring doubt,

                                      should use neither profanity nor threats,

                                      should include neither urgency nor coercion,

                                      should not discuss matters of an abhorrent nature to God.

The hearing of My call becomes more certain with experience,

                                      becomes more definite with constancy,

                                      becomes more reliable with immediacy,

                                      becomes more trustworthy within both regularity and time.

The hearing of My call is consolidated within My tongues,

                                      is consolidated within My wisdom,

                                      is consolidated within the familiarity of response,

                                      is circumscribed by the will of God.”


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