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The Keepsakes of Life (29.6.16)

“The keepsakes of life bring memories flooding back.

The keepsakes of life are silent yet do speak,

                                   are silent yet do catch the Son light,

                                   are silent yet have recall of the soul.

The keepsakes of life are cherished for the thoughts evoked,

                                   are cherished for the memories both of a time and place,

                                   are cherished for the happy times when love was introduced,

                                   are cherished for a spot at sunset when the fish begin to bite,

                                   are cherished when grace so sets the scene where sin no longer drives the day.

The keepsakes of life have vantage points from where complaints are never heard,

                                   have vantage points near beds well lit by Son shine,

                                   have vantage points where meals are welcomed at the table,

                                   have vantage points where access is not needed and just a glance will do,

                                   have vantage points of darkness set to flee from a handbag as it opens for a hand,

                                   have vantage points on fingers where sparkling can compete as if a rainbow from a storm.


The keepsakes of life are not traded in,

                                   are not traded up,

                                   are not traded down.

The keepsakes of life are not the bases for comparison,

                                   are not the bases for insuring,

                                   are not the bases for putting under lock and key.

The keepsakes of life often dwell around a neck,

                                   often hitch a ride upon a wrist,

                                   often try to hide upon an ankle,

                                   often find a spot right out of sight with privacy.

The keepsakes of life rarely go for resale in a pawn shop.

The keepsakes of life rarely stand in need of restoration.

The keepsakes of life rarely are thrown out in the rubbish.

The keepsakes of life can be mementos from afar,

                                   can be idolatry in action,

                                   can be the essence of nobility.

The keepsakes of life are gathered in activities destined to be remembered,

                                   are gathered at very little cost,

                                   are gathered where quality is not an issue,

                                   are gathered where crowding is not counted as a negative.

The keepsakes of life can be passed to another generation,

                                   can be held in reverence for achievement,

                                   can be held in honouring of standings before man,

                                   can be rewards for bravery,

                                   can be rewards for physical exertions,

                                   can be received from a friend to light the day.

The keepsakes of life are mass produced with appeal to visitors,

                                                              with appeal to be added to collections,

                                                              with appeal to collectors unable to pass by a public offering.

The keepsakes of life may outstay their welcome,

                                   may witness a change in circumstance,

                                   may be a reminder of a love now lost.

The keepsakes of life cannot defend themselves,

                                   cannot replace themselves where a chip or breakage exhibits its effect,

                                   cannot be easily renewed when replacement is a stumbling block,

                                                                when a clock no longer works,

                                                                when moths and rust wage war upon the precious and the valued.

The keepsakes of life will not pass through the refiner’s fire,

                                   are not grave goods intended for an extended life,

                                   are not initiated by God.

The keepsakes of life can be polished dusted and preserved,

                                   can be sought purchased and retained,

                                   can be given esteemed and held close to the heart.

The keepsakes of life can be vibrant and alluring as if a perfume in a bottle,

                                   can be coloured in iridescence as if a seashell from distant islands,

                                   can be small and very precious as if a gemstone on a finger.

The keepsakes of life can be very easily lost,

                                   can be very easily mislaid,

                                   can be very easily stolen.

The keepsakes of life can be taken out of circulation and hidden out of sight.

The keepsakes of life can vary in acceptance when the origins no longer stand in favour.

The keepsakes of life can be items endowed with a connection of a relationship with God.”


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