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The Passing of A Cloud (18.5.16)

“The passing of a cloud is not a major event in the life of man.

The passing of a cloud can go completely unnoticed,

                                     can be completely non-remarkable,

                                                completely unhindered by the wind,

                                                                   unchecked as it climbs and unfurls in the cumulus of majesty,

                                                                                     as it dissipates and slowly vanishes before the eyes of man.

The passing of a cloud can be violent with the lightning and the rolls of thunder:

                                                                               as it exists both to threaten and to lash;

                                     can upset the crops of man with hailstones:

                                                                               as the triggers of destruction;

                                     can be far reaching across the heavens as snow blankets all:

                                                                               over which it spreads in the mantling of the Earth;

                                     can be shaped as funnels which trap and seize to so break into pieces:

                                                                               that as driven by the winds;

                                     can be the answering of prayer as the carriers of the watering of the Earth:

                                                                               in giving of themselves without complaint.

The passing of a cloud can be silent and in a hurry as it competes with nearby fellow travellers:

                                                                               the dust brooms of the skies;

                                     can be stationery and resting prior to receiving the next commission:

                                                                               to attend elsewhere in bringing the requirements of the Earth;

                                     can be secretive and bashful to only work at night:

                                                                               so to greet the freshly awakened with the surprises of the morn.

The passing of a cloud leaves its impressions on all that it surveys:

                                                            whether as little as the shadowing of shade;

                                                                                           or the shearing of the ways and means:

                                                                  as scheduled for performance;

                                                                                           or a presence with the blessings which precede:

                                                                                                                           the sign of the promise from the past.

The passing of a cloud can be business personified as each is tolled and troubled:

                                                                               by a land mass in the way,

                                     can be greeted and appreciated as each dumps upon demand:

                                                                               in a downpour of delight and satisfaction,

                                     can be welcomed with much joy as each comes to stay awhile with steadiness of purpose:

                                                                               for the soaking of the seams and streams of life.

The passing of a soul is the major faith event in the life of man.

The passing of a soul is accompanied by the spirit and the body of the flesh,

                                   is accompanied by the sighing and the tears,

                                   is accompanied by the grief within the present and the joys within remembrance.

The passing of a soul can leave an echo of existence or the imprint of a walk;

                                                   a history difficult to place or a book of memories filled with doings and achievements;

                                                   a trail of dissolution or a pathway to the stars.

The passing of a soul attempts to shelter from the storm with the dressings of distress;

                                                                                      or sings a song of triumph in arriving at the destiny of delight.

The passing of a soul may need to accept the hindrances besetting of the body,

                                                   to accept the pain arising from an onslaught of attacks;

                                                   to accept the rites of passage with all which is intended.

The passing of a soul may be peaceful and sublime,

                                   may be sudden and surprising,

                                   may be when at rest within the folds of sleep,

                                   may be violent and disturbing at the hands of another:

                                                                   yet as the cross of sacrifice so ensures the honouring of freewill.

The passing of a soul may be unexpected with the soul still unprepared,

                                                                   with the commitment still lacking from postponement,

                                                                   with the chalk still un-erased and present on the slate of life.

The passing of a soul may be caught up in a struggle,

                                   may be fixated on a wrong belief,

                                   may express uncertainty within the dilemma of determining the rights and wrongs,

                                   may be a candidate for the destiny of default:

                                                                   with the freewill earning of respect brought to the fore.

The passing of a soul opens either the doorway or the gateway to where life is still continuing.

The passing of a soul witnesses the stillness of the sands of life within the hourglass:

                                                                  in completion of the timing as set for preparation.

The passing of a soul travels from its birthday to its day of death:

                                                                              with the latter undeclared.

The passing of a soul should not approach the pending day of death with trepidation or with unbelief:

                                                                                                                                   when preparations are in place,

                                                                                                                                                                 are completed,

                                                                                                                                                                 are absorbed.

The passing of a soul sends the accompaniments by the couriers of God.”


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