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The Reins of Power (4.4.16)

“The reins of power should be held very lightly.

The reins of power should not be adjusted as if to hold a bucking horse,

                                                                    as if to subdue the spreading of dissent,

                                                                    as if to conquer and divide in the strength of domination.

The reins of power should not be confused with the reins of authority,

                                                                      with the reins of love,

                                                                      with the reins of righteousness,

                                                                      with the reins of growth,

                                                                      with the reins of governance,

                                                                      with the reins of nation building,

                                                                      with the reins of kingship.

The reins of power speak of insecurity,

                                speak of a power base which is restricted,

                                                                     which is not well developed,

                                                                     which is not to be envied,

                                                                     which imposes stress,

                                                                     which breeds determination on both sides of divides,

                                                                     which introduces weapons to the scenes within humanity –

                                                                                                           as all are put at risk of both life and limb.

The reins of power cannot be held for ever,

                                cause shadows to be examined:

                                                    bring grief unto the populace,

                                                    bring shame upon the instigators of injustice,

                                                    bring force into equations of subservience as the gaols are filled to overflowing,

                                                    bring hospitals to a standstill,

                                                    bring shops to the inability to restock the empty shelves,

                                                    bring the roar of engines in introduction of the missiles,

                                                    bring crowds into the streets with defiance as their call,

                                                    bring the flourishing of a city to a standstill –

                                                                as the homes of yesterday become the sniper posts of the coming dawn.

The reins of power struggle to prevent the new beginnings,

                               struggle to maintain the status quo,

                               struggle to retain the flow of funds to offshore accounts,

                               struggle to overcome the sanctions of distrust arising from the broken promises,

                               struggle to succeed by turning forces of protection into forces imposing injury and death,

                               struggle bringing wastelands to where stood the crops of life.

The reins of power in the challenge to control see the streaming of the refugees,

                                                                          see the searching for the sanctuaries,

                                                                          see the harassments as the members of each family flee a homeland no longer
                                                                                                                                     safe or welcoming.

The reins of power are neither the reins of grace nor of forgiveness,

                                are neither the reins of mercy nor of gratitude,

                                are neither the reins of acceptance nor of vision.

The reins of power are the reins grasped firmly,

                                are the reins not to be relaxed,

                                are the reins which tie the people into knots,

                                are the reins which are the robbers of hope from a despairing soul.

The reins of power stifle development as investment flees,

                               stifle education as the schoolyard remains empty,

                               stifle health and well being as funds are siphoned off,

                               stifle freedom of the press as inspecting eyes know to fear the truth,

                               stifle the fear of God as faith is lined up before the barrel of a gun,

                               stifle information as the instigator of the call to freedom.

The reins of power strengthen and restrain while suspicions generate the ‘evidence’,

                               subdue and beat until all movement ceases in a huddle,

                               torture and murder until sated by the blood.

The reins of power know the grimness of the unsmiling face,

                               know the self-promotion of lies which masquerade as the truth,

                               know the regime determined to hold onto power at any cost,

                               know the banishment of heroes across a line of demarcation,

                               know the imprisonment of the silent in cells of noise and pain where suffering is endemic,

                               know the mistreatment which speaks of the forsaking of humanity where ‘justice’ is neither spoken nor expected.

The reins of power think there is immunity from accountability,

                                think there is no greater power able to usurp,

                                think their secrets are secure,

                                think their futures can be maintained,

                                think all is well within their world of power,

                                think the daily paydays transfer only what is theirs by right and by deed.

The reins of power despise The God of others who are more informed,

                               despise the beliefs of others leading to eventual downfall,

                               despise the prayers of many with a cumulative effect.

The reins of power discount the possibility of a culmination,

                               discount the possibility of the need to flee,

                               discount the possibility of a new season bringing change,

                               discount the possibility that their lives may be under threat –

                                                yet keep the birds of prey primed and ready to depart.

The reins of power cannot outlast the reins of God,

                                cannot replace the reins of God,

                                cannot surpass the reins of God.

The reins of power are the reins of Satan and not the reins of good intent.

The reins of power fall for the love of money and so become corrupt.

The reins of power fail the test of righteousness and so breed the nests of evil.

The reins of power fail to have a vision and so watch the people perish.

The reins of power are the reins of man in his iniquity who so fails to support or nourish.

The reins of power will be consigned to history: 

                                                to be covered by the dust –

                                                                     within the view of God.”


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