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The Requiem of Man (25.5.16)

“The requiem of man has repercussions on a life.

The requiem of man recalls the deeds of yesterday,

                                  recalls the deeds of shame,

                                  recalls the deeds of pride,

                                  recalls the deeds where anger reigned supreme,

                                  recalls the deeds which cannot be reversed,

                                  recalls the deeds which haunt and harry the consciousness of man.

The requiem of man recalls the secrets of a heart,

                                  recalls the crimes and passions of the past,

                                  recalls the distant back into the present,

                                  recalls what was thought to be lost and buried yet rises again continually to confront.

The requiem of man turns the inside out upon a scene,

                                  churns the soul within a fear field of discovery,

                                  freezes the heart to a moment set in time.

The requiem of man is but a token of remembrance,

                                  is but an act where contrition is yet to dawn,

                                                      where understanding is out of reach,

                                                      where acknowledgement is still on a bed made within denial,

                                                      where recovery relapses into a call for help.

The requiem of man lies heavily on a damaged soul,

                                                     on a spirit filled with horror,

                                                     on a voice which cannot utter,

                                                     on a tongue now forced to lie.

The requiem of man is sinister and polished,

                                  is hidden and a secret,

                                  is forbidden yet enacted,

                                  is lodged yet not ready for removal,

                                  is buried deep yet surfaces in the nightmares of the nights,

                                  is pushed back down yet refuses there to stay.

The requiem of man brings the soul calling for release,

                                  brings the spirit seeking much forgiveness,

                                  brings the body still in no fit state to face the consequences.

The requiem of man seeks retribution for the wrong inflicted,

                                  seeks justice for the wrong escaped,

                                  seeks accountability for the freewill act which brought an unruly ending.

The requiem of man is not a song of peace,

                                  is not a tranquillizer for the night,

                                  is not an escape hatch for the invaded and the lost.

The requiem of man sings of remembrance of past deeds,

                                  sings of the wrongs inflicted,

                                  sings of the pain and suffering,

                                  sings of the dead and wounded,

                                  sings of the frightened and the terrified,

                                  sings of the deadly and deserted.

The requiem of man hears the static within the noise,

                                  hears the screams and shouts,

                                  hears the silence of the damned and the relief of the monsters of destruction,

                                  hears the fetus call for mercy from the womb,

                                  hears no response from ears deafened to such calls,

                                  hears the walls of witness with their ears attuned to hear the shaming of man.

The requiem of man is a marker of behaviour,

                                  is a disaster in the making,

                                  is an entry for the loss of innocence,

                                  is an entry requiring accountability,

                                  is an entry which cannot be overlooked,

                                  is an entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life.

The requiem of man is not a swansong on a stage,

                                  is not a swansong of performance,

                                  is not a swansong calling for forgiveness,

                                  is not a swansong of restitution,

                                  is not a swansong of rebuttal,

                                  is not a swansong from the monied and the mean,

                                                               from the corrupt and greedy,

                                                               from the godforsaken in their livelihoods of procuring death upon a table—

                                                                                          where death is already booked with reservations for their souls.

The requiem of man is a swansong for the very young and helpless—

                                                                                          in a vulnerable position. 

The requiem of man is a testing field with many angels in attendance,

                                                            with many angels attending the transportation of the innocent denied life within mortality,

                                                            with many angels bringing the spirits into the presence of God,

                                                            with many spirits rescuing the bodily remains now assembled in perfection of completion,

                                                            with many angels now victorious in achieving the perfect will of God.

The requiem of man has many sights of wonder,

                                  has many sights of signs,

                                  has many sights of miracles near the hands of man;

                                  has many sights of rescues from the hands of man;

                                  has many sights of marvelling performed by the hands of man.

The requiem of man is overseen by God,

                                  knows the records of deliverance,

                                  knows the records of destruction,

                                  knows the records of the righteous,

                                  know the records of the weaponized and wicked. 

The requiem of man speaks woe to those who attend at the creation of a single record of destruction:

                                                                                        for they shall be judged with the utmost of severity.”


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