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The Rewards of Faith (12.5.16)

“The rewards of faith can seem to be constantly postponed.

The rewards of faith are not immediately apparent,

                                  are not feasting in the exclusion of the hungry,

                                  are not waking up the neighbourhood,

                                  are not a song heard in the night.

The rewards of faith are sincere in their existence,

                                  are there to be observed by an active spirit,

                                  are there for participation with the Presence at a divine appointment,

                                  are there to raise the temperature of each soul,

                                  re there to establish that a walk with Me is not without adventures,

                                                                                                   is not without the signs,

                                                                                                          the wonders,

                                                                                                          the miracles of God.

The rewards of faith are locked into the reality of man,

                                                                           of My disciples,

                                                                           of the saints of God.

The rewards of faith are active outside the sphere of faith,

                                                  beyond the bounds of imagination,

                                                  far beyond the belief patterns of My people.

The rewards of faith do not accumulate for a rainy day,

                                  do not build up like books within a bookcase—

                                                                                    where the dust settles at its pleasure.

The rewards of faith are triggered in the presence of the insightful,

                                  are triggered within the talk of a coincidence,

                                  are missed by the busy and the doubtful.

The rewards of faith come when unexpected,

                                  come when the thought patterns permit,

                                  come when the way is impeded by the thoughtless and profane.

The rewards of faith multiply with recognition,

                                  multiply with gratitude,

                                  multiply when in the fields of boldness,

                                  multiply when in the active indwelling of My Spirit as He goes before,

                                  multiply when grace is appreciated with the willingness to share.

The rewards of faith despatches unbelief,

                                  opens up the field to more substantive entries in a diary,

                                  brings the eyes to attention with the ears spellbound by a testimony—

                                                                                                                          which has the ring of truth.

The rewards of faith build upon the knowledge base,

                                  expand within the mantel of wisdom,

                                  glory in the satisfaction of a soul so won for God.

The rewards of faith speaks of provisioning,

                                  speaks to siblings and the off-spring,

                                  speaks to the in-laws in their chairs,

                                  speaks to the outlaws as they journey—

                                                                where numbers are much greater,

                                                                where the ears are prone to inattention,

                                                                where the message needs to be both short and sweet.

The rewards of faith transcend the rewards of man:

                                                                in their presentation with the  introductions;

                                                                in their words of God as arrows to the heart,

                                                                in the grasp of wisdom wrapped around the word of knowledge.

The rewards of faith showcase the giftings of the Spirit,

                                  showcase the tongues of heaven,

                                  showcase the lifestyle of each saint in meeting expectations,

                                  showcase the stand of faith in the temple of faith—

                                                                 where faith proceeds in a faith-filled stream as faith and grace abound.

The rewards of faith are to receive the hugs,

                                        to be present at the healings,

                                        to participate in the pain of a confession,

                                        to speak the word of God in action as a two-edged sword.

The rewards of faith are in the field of impartation,

                                  are in bringing the reality of God as a personal revelation,

                                  are in teaching the sanctifying of the cross with the promise of inheritance.

The rewards of faith have times for their delivery,

                                  have the need for fullness of the armour,

                                  have the need for company upon the battlefield of life.

The rewards of faith are not claimed back,

                                  are not sought out,

                                  are not decried by attribution to a mortal cause.

The rewards of faith magnify and glorify The Name above all Names,

                                  multiply and develop the testimonies of disciples in the making,

                                  graduate and honour the lambs as they grow into His sheep.

The rewards of faith witness the rising from the grave,

                                  witness the adornments on each gown of life,

                                  witness the persevering in the race well run,

                                  witness the garland for the victor at his journey’s end.

The rewards of faith establish each temple of a new-found child of God—

                                                                                    in honoured adoption into the eternal family of God.”


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