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The Sea of Faces (28.5.16)

“The sea of faces is the sea of the lost.

The sea of faces is the sea who gather so to listen,

                           is the sea without a name,

                           is the sea of humanity crying out to be saved.

The sea of faces is the sea which welcomes My evangelists.

The sea of faces is the sea which stands upon its feet,

                                          which listens with both ears,

                                          which participates with attentiveness and keenness.

The sea of faces is the sea which walks,

                           is the sea which talks,

                           is the sea which hawks—

                                             the “Good News” of The Kingdom.

The sea of faces have smiles upon their faces,

                           have joy within their hearts,

                           have the message of the Kingdom ready on their lips.

The sea of faces are upturned and excited,

                           are receiving knowledge based on wisdom,

                           are preparing for a journey:

                                            into the very presence of the God of love.

The sea of faces number past a million souls where the teaching is quite rare,

                                                                        where the teaching is much sought after,

                                                                        where the teaching is believed.

The sea of faces hear the call which builds a wave moving to the front,

                                                which builds a wave of expectation,

                                                which builds a wave awaiting the gifts of God upon each soul.

The sea of faces express the intensity of commitment,

                           are there in the assertion of belief,

                           are there to become a part of the family of God.

The sea of faces receive with joy and gladness within much gratitude—

                                                                              for the move of God within their ranks,

                                                                where they stand as witnesses,

                                                                where understanding is readied for a new day with the coming dawn,

                                                                where their return to home is lightened by the gifts they bear.

The sea of faces dwell within the torrent of living water which soaks and cleanses;

                           dwell within the land as set aside for miracles,

                                                                                 for signs,

                                                                                 for wonders,

                                                                                 for deliverance,

                                                                                 for healings;

                           dwell within the presence of My spirit—

                                         who brought the gifts to all who sought the creation of the temple from the glove—

                                                                                    as carried at the starting out upon a journey to find the source of truth.

The sea of faces are uplifted to the Son,

                           are uplifted to fresh hope,

                           are uplifted to a new beginning,

                           are uplifted to the starting point,

                                               where the default is vanquished,

                                               where the garden of The Lord awaits,

                                               where eternity is Christened and opens wide its doors.

The sea of faces is a semblance of mankind,

                           is a gathering in a land where the truth is hard to find,

                                                                where restrictions are imposed by man,

                                                                where attacks can quell and silence the seeking from their quest.


The sea of faces are a measure of the need of man to worship and belong,

                                                                                 to understand and to partake,

                                                                                 to remember eat and drink under the new found grace.

The sea of faces is enlivened by the fire of My Spirit going forth from My servants,

                                                                                     going forth to reach out to the multitudes,

                                                                                     going forth to bring salvation to the querying and the lost.

The sea of faces are far from disappointed,

                           are far from the gateway of rejection,

                           are far from the beliefs of the recent past which now fail the test of truth.

The sea of faces will depart with much more than they brought,

                                             with their lives now exchanged for light,

                                             with their tongues now chattering in the tongues of man and the tongues of Heaven,

                                             with their families now knowing the reality of their God in action in their lives.

The sea of faces saturate their neighbourhoods,

                           speak to neighbours in a witness—

                                                           as if a bell in clarity,

                                                          with inbuilt purity of tone,

                                                          which summons all to hear and do and act.

The sea of faces have masks no longer intended to be worn,

                           have masks destined for disposal,

                           have masks constructed for a wayward past which are no longer relevant,

                                                                                            are no longer valued,

                                                                                            are no longer sought to fill the stage of life with evil.

The sea of faces recognize the stage of jubilation,

                           recognize the new found promises of God,

                           recognize the beauty of their temples with the presence of My Spirit.

The sea of faces remember well the face of the evangelist:

                                                                   he who comes to declare the wonder of the will of God;

                                                                                  as a willing servant of the most high God who lives and loves—

                                                                                                         His people now found within the new covenant of grace.”


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