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The Secrecy of God (1.6.16)

“The secrecy of God is for the benefit of man.

The secrecy of God prevents man from saying what he thinks God wants to hear,

                                                                                     to attempt to curry favour from where it is not justified,

                                                                                     to attempt to mask the feelings which lie just below the surface.

The secrecy of God is not limited by man,

                                is not limited by Satan,

                                is not limited by any thing or any being within the creation sphere of God.

The secrecy of God is immune to attack,

                                will not reveal the secret of life to man when faced with inert ingredients,

                                will not permit the prodding and the probing,

                                                         the cutting and the slicing,

                                                         the injecting and the incubating:

                                                                                      to allow man to claim success wherein a lie is present.

The secrecy of God is righteous and honourable,

                                is deft and up to date,

                                is synchronized and harmonized,

                                is secure and unable to be breached.

The secrecy of God has no visitors to observe the starting of the cell of life embedded in eternity—

                                                                                          upon its journey through space and time—

                                                                                  for the creation cells of life as initiated by God within His will and foresight.

The secrecy of God saves man from his own destruction as he plays with clones,

                                                                                           as he plays instructing cells to do his bidding,

                                                                                           as he plays with mice and rats and rabbits and the pigs—

                                                                                     a game which ends in death for life at the wrong end of the microscope.

The secrecy of God has encryption self-adjusting in complexity of component keys:

                                                                           within at least seven dimensions—

                                                                                         where each must be present,

                                                                                                                          correctly ordered,

                                                                                                                                         to be simultaneously applied.

The secrecy of God is well anchored in the mathematics of eternity:

                                                                                           of strings and ribbons waving in the fields;

                                                                                           of slugs and worms at home within the moats and holes;

                                                                                           of the home of exponentials which count with accuracy
                                                                                                                                       far beyond where man can go—

                                                                                                                                                                in thought,

                                                                                                                                                                in reasoning,

                                                                                                                                                                in deed;

                                                                                                  in experiments on home upon the island of man or in the space of man:

                                                                                                                   where such are at war with the conditions hostile to success.

The secrecy of God is as an archipelago,

                                      which stands in the absence of the sea,

                                      which man is unable to visit:

                                                         is unable to attend non-existent classes;

                                                         is unable to instruct or to receive the work of spies when such are not empowered to attend—

                                                         in a prevailing atmosphere of great difficulty;

                                                         is unable to communicate in the language of high intellect;

                                                         is unable to surmount the difficulties imposed by God—

                                                                                    in protecting the life of man in all its fullness:

                                                                    as it is awaited by the wise who understand the coming glory and the exaltation—

                                                                                                                             of man when in his destiny as offered for his prime.

The secrecy of God is thorough and secure,

                                 is necessary and correct,

                                 is safeguarded with the keys,

                                 is deep within the attributes of God.

The secrecy of God does neither bend nor yield,

                                 does neither tempt nor stain,

                                 does neither stir nor cultivate.

The secrecy of God is vital to the long-term welfare of all life,

                                 dwells within the spoken word of God—

                                                                     out of earshot of the ears of man.

The secrecy of God is necessary because of the nature of man,

                                                     because of his addiction to his purse,

                                                     because of his jostling for position where status rules supreme,

                                                     because of his willingness to participate,

                                                                                                to compete,

                                                                                                to jockey for the heights:

                                                                                      where the morality of God is of little or even of no account at all.

The secrecy of God is not a playground for the mystics,

                                 is not found in the land of suppositions,

                                 will not yield to the palmists and the stargazers —

                                                   the astrologers who have no faith in what they do,

                                                                                            no faith in what they say,

                                                                                            no faith in what they write,

                                                                                            no faith within their life except when they choose to sit upon a chair.

The secrecy of God protects the wellspring of life,

                                protects the water of life,

                                protects the tree of life,

                                protects the journey of life in the face of adversities and trials.

The secrecy of God protects the growth patterns,

                                protects the swarms,

                                protects the insects,

                                protects the purpose and the functioning available for each.

The secrecy of God is a volcano venting truth;

                                is a volcanic cone preventing the ultimate truth from being misused:

                                                                        upon a bed of explanations and insincere commitments;

                                is a volcanic slope where the gradient is dangerous and a fall can be disastrous.

The secrecy of God is a volcano biding its time,

                                         in warning of the fear of God:

                                                      for all to depart and not intrude;

                                                      for all to walk another pathway to join the stars of God.”


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