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The Sourcing of Evil (16.4.16)

“The sourcing of evil is never for the benefit of man,

                                   is the multiple acts of vengeance usurped by Satan against God,

                                   is the attacks on man deployed as the living tools of Satan in his hitting out at God.

The sourcing of evil will have his day in court,

                                  will have a charge sheet almost without end,

                                  will have every one addressed in the twilight of his freedom.

The sourcing of evil will see his ruptured plans dealt with by The Cross of The Living Christ.

The sourcing of evil who laughed and danced a jig when viewing a body on The Cross.

The sourcing of evil is the scourge of man,

                                  is the promiser of fulfilment of the pride of man,

                                  is the generator of the hate crimes paraded before the face of man within their livelihoods with God.

The sourcing of evil is the throttler at the neck of man,

                                  is the appointment driver of sexual interference under the freewill of man,

                                  is the generator of pornography within the lusts of man.

The sourcing of evil is the breeder of iniquity in all its many guises –

                                                                      to satisfy the quests of man for more,

                                  is the breeder of the bugs and germs which put man into a bed of sickness and disease,

                                  is the institutor of pain upon and in the body as the tormentor of the waves designated so to fall on man.

The sourcing of evil spreads the lies for man to utter on his highway to join The Lost,

                                 spreads the blasphemy upon the tongue of man where the tongues of Heaven are unknown,

                                 spreads the mattress on the bed:

                                                          where misconduct between the consenting parties who reject the better,

                                                                                           have witnesses to their habits and their lusts;

                                                          where the vows are neither valid nor approved within the sight of God.

The sourcing of evil is as a vampire from a nightmare at the throat of man,

                                  is the chief overseer of the bloodletting of man,

                                  is the instigator of the ‘accidents’ which result in the death of man in innocence,

                                  is the harvester of The Lost gathered for companionship in Hell.

The sourcing of evil sets a downhill slide in place,

                                  trips the feet,

                                  binds the hands,

                                  blinds the eyes,

                                  deafens the ears,

                                  destroys the touch,

                                  primes the mouth,

                                  loads the habits,

                                  cheers as the addictions take hold,

                                  supervises the obtaining of the funds so such may feed,

                                  turns out the light so darkness may prevail.

The sourcing of evil giggles with delight at the crop which has since spread –

                                                                                             from an apple in a garden,

                                  giggles with delight at the ease in having man succumb to become a follower,

                                  giggles with delight at all his lies believed and enacted in the lives of man.

The sourcing of evil is not short of assistants,

                                  is not short of helpers,

                                  is not short of hangers-on,

                                  is not short of servants,

                                  is not short of slaves,

                                  is not short of supporters enlisted from the would-be rank and vile of man.

The sourcing of evil is everywhere abounding,

                                  is neither scarce nor difficult to find,

                                  is in the hands of encouragers who seek converts to their cause,

                                  is bereft of sympathy for the young and the naïve,

                                  is the funding source of proliferation –

                                                              which feeds on the contents of the tablets vials and needles –

                                                                                                          where questions are not asked and help is far away.

The sourcing of evil is in his heyday of success.

The sourcing of evil is fast running out of time.

The sourcing of evil will soon meet with his chief opponent head-on in a battle.

The sourcing of evil mounts a throne he cannot hold,

                                  sits in a high place from which he will again be thrown down,

                                  will be forced to discard his fancy dress in readiness to assume the garb of prisoners.

The sourcing of evil uses knowledge without wisdom,

                                  acquires consensus built on needs,

                                  achieves allegiance from the believers of the malicious falsehoods.

The sourcing of evil will not repent before the Great White Throne,

                                  will not offer recompense for what has gone before,

                                  will not relinquish willingly the clandestine numbered gains amongst The Endangered and The Lost.

The sourcing of evil is on a countdown of the numbered days ahead,

                                  has accountability looming to the fore,

                                  wears the vagrancy of man as a feather in his cap.

The sourcing of evil is as a burlesque show running at an end-time speed,

                                  is the paraphernalia of a wayward kingdom about to meet the fire of righteousness,

                                                                                            about to have replaced the tendrils of evolution,

                                                                                            about to have rescinded a visitation of The Earth,

                                                                                            about to have fitted the leg-irons of restriction.

The sourcing of evil is soon to encounter the longterm cramping of his style,

                                                                                             in the presence of accountability,

                                                                                                              within the courts of The Living Loving God.”


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