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The Tableting of Man (22.5.16)

“The tableting of man is either a curse of excess or a blessing of functioning within the life of man.

The tableting of man rings the production tills of man,

                                   rings as the entrees to a meal,

                                   rings the need to count,

                                                    to verify,

                                                           the tablets of the day.

The tableting of man is widespread and excessive,

                                   is set up to compensate for the “deficient” diet of man,

                                   is the process where the supplements are taken with hope and expectation.

The tableting of man controls the serving of the supplements,

                                                the serving of the anxious and the imaginative,

                                                the serving of the pills deemed to fill the unconfirmed shortages of “essential” vitamins:

                                                                                                                        in the diets of the gullible and the fearing;

                                                                                                  to fill the “vacancies” of minerals and leaves,

                                                                                                  to fill the “vacancies” of roots and seeds,

                                                                                                  to fill the “vacancies” of the sea-borne and the sea-swept:

                                                        so all may be addressed in appealing to the nervous and the paranoid who suspect and believe,

                                                                                                  without the presenting of the evidence of confirmation,

                                                                                                               the efficacy of each tablet prepared for entry to the mouth.

The tableting of man is dependent on the selling of “beliefs” without a firm foundation,

                                                        on the selling of recurrent treatments without a cure,

                                                        on the patterning that the demand confirms conviction of acceptance,

                                                        on the supposition that the diet of man is deficient and in need of augmentation,

                                                        on the ingestion in the multiples where more is seen as better,

                                                        on the self-help market where purchases are not subject to an oversight with knowledge.

The tableting of man can be the source of death,

                                  can be the source of lumps and bumps where allergies are suspected,

                                  can be the source of excess which the body cannot handle,

                                                                               which the body cannot evacuate,

                                                                               which the body cannot counter.

The tableting of man can be the superimposing of that for which the body has no defences,

                                                                                       for which the body is not deficient,

                                                                                       for which the surplus cannot be excreted.

The tableting of man imposes storage problems for the excess,

                                  imposes symptoms calling out for wisdom,

                                  imposes effects upon the body not easily traceable to the source:

                                                                                                  where truth is being stupidly withheld.

The tableting of man should befriend the testing of the blood,

                                                             the analysing of the blood,

                                                             the close examination of the blood:

                                                so both the mouth and heart know what they are doing;

                                                                                              know the goal in mind;

                                                                                              know the sufficiency of the day;

                                                                                              have a common objective where neither harms the other.

The tableting of man is a blessing with control,

                                  is a curse when not accountable—

                                  is able to assist in the running of a factory where the need is genuine,

                                  is able to be overcome when pride and recommends in ignorance are the guardians of the day.

The tableting of man is not a hit or miss affair which can be stoked with impunity,

                                  is not a situation where the excess can be burnt and emitted from a smokestack,

                                  is not a functioning at risk with “choice” alone as the only player at the table,

                                  is not the measuring of surplus where tolerance is seen to be on leave,

                                  is not the “cure-all” for the imagination,

                                  is not wisdom where garnered from the advertising promoting availability:

                                                                                                yet without an oversight,

                                                                                                         speaking with much caution,

                                                                                                                       into a situation.

The tableting of man carries responsibility to do no harm when within the framework of insistence such is so:

                                   ensures most are harmless and without effect as the placebos of man.

The tableting of man oft ignores the problems of recurrently enlarging of the dosage without the supervision,

                                        ignores the problems of the imported where quality controls are missing,

                                        ignores the problems of subversive manufacture in the homes of the depraved and greedy.

The tableting of man oft ignores the mixing of toxicity—

                                                     the downing of a tablet with a swill of alcohol,

                                                     the party mode oft to be filled with regret,

                                                                                                      with ignorance abroad,

                                                                                                      with implications unexpected,

                                                                                                      with the memory impaired and needing help.

The tableting of man should be limited by wisdom to the confines of a consultation:

                                                        within the medical profession who know “What is” and “What is not”,

                                           of what is beneficial with the reasons for the “Why?” and the “How” and “When”.

The tableting of man is seen by God who knows the rights and wrongs of admittances granted to the body—

                                                                                                          with security for the functioning of the three in unity:

                                                                                                                                                       the body soul and spirit.”


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