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The Visions for The Future (17.4.16)

“The visions for the future are to be carried by the visionaries of God,

                                                                      by those He has entrusted,

                                                                      by those who value accuracy,

                                                                      by those who stand fast within the fear of God.

The visions for the future are brought forth by My prophets whom I know,

                                          are brought forth with earnestness and fervour,

                                          are brought forth in the written and the spoken,

                                          are brought forth in the tongues of heaven and with interpretation by one with like standing before
                                                                                                                        the throne of grace.

The visions for the future are brought forth in truth and righteousness,

                                          will not fade away,

                                          will find the heralds to so broadcast around The Earth,

                                          will speak to the spirits of My children when all is well within the bringing forth of My prophetic word
                                                                                                                        from My prophets whom I know.

The visions for the future will build upon the past,

                                          do not discard as rubbish that which was once valued by the attentive and the wise,

                                          do not shrink from proclaiming the words as issued and attended by My prophets whom I know:

                                                                        My prophets who speak in truth and in integrity of spirit,

                                                                                          who honour and uphold the callings from God as made known to man.

      Be aware of the prophets who self-proclaim their assumed titles from afar,

                                                                               yet bring no honour to their cause with money as its base,

                                                                               yet bring no resolution as to how or when they were established,

                                                                               yet have a flourished document with very little value in the presence of My Spirit.

      For even so does My prophet hear and know My voice.

      For even so will My prophet serve in righteousness.

      For even so will the word of God ring out with clarity and understanding,

                                                                      with integrity and purpose,

                                                                      with honouring and truth unto the intended audience:

                                                                                            where My word will carry meaning beyond the wisdom of man.

      For even so will the false be discerned from the true with penalties involved.

      For even so will My Spirit affirm My prophets’ conveying of My word on My behalf.

The visions for the future will impart the Mysteries of God,

                                          will transfer knowledge and wisdom on request,

                                          will interpret and convey the understanding of the tongues of Heaven –

                                                                         so thoughts may be transitioned from one entity to another without delay.

The visions for the future are far reaching yet contained,

                                          are practical yet reliant,

                                          are conducive yet disclosing in the fullness.

The visions for the future are stepwise yet consistent,

                                          are detailed yet complete,

                                          are incredible yet verified within the reins of truth.

The visions for the future are majestic yet confirmed,

                                          are magnificent yet plausible,

                                          are powerful yet restrained by each freewill.

The visions for the future are oft placements from the past:

                                          may have their origins from another time and place,

                                                                           from originating as a mention in My word,

                                                                           from developing in their scope for the end-time bride of Christ.

The visions for the future grow and develop for disclosure within My Spirit of revelation:

                                          do not involve the imagination of man;

                                          are not thrown down upon The Earth as a challenge to man.

The visions for the future are there to confirm:

                                                          the way of preparation of My bride;

                                                          the way of a decisive walk with Me;

                                                          the way of righteousness with peace in tow;

                                                          the way of life eternal with a destiny of choice;

                                                          the way of freewill achievements which tip the scales of man;

                                                          the way of My two commandments within My people’s souls of love.

The visions for the future declares what is to be encountered in the ways of man,

                                          declares the furnishing of Heaven and The Earth,

                                          declares the integrity of the many ways of God:

                                                                        as applicable to man within His umbrella of protection and of love.

The visions for the future are carried by the promises of God:

                                                            by the partial revelations of the past;

                                                            by the present activities of My Spirit in interacting with My people as they attend their calls,

                                                            by the decreasing numbering of days as the sands of time run through the hourglass
                                                                                                                                                                                         of mortality.

The visions for the future are secure within the oversight of God,

                                          are secure for the attention of the multitudes,

                                          are secure in the guidance to completion of each journey home.”


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