My Scrolls

The Visiting My Garden (2) (10.4.16)

“Visiting My garden is dependent on the circumstances.

Visiting My garden is dependent on man’s age within mortality,

                                is dependent on man’s proximity to death,

                                is dependent on man’s willingness to testify,

                                is dependent on man’s willingness to return unto his glove,

                                is dependent on man’s willingness to forsake his glove –

                                                    in travelling to a destiny with an invitation based on grace.

Visiting My garden opens eyes to see,

                                opens tongues to question,

                                opens all the senses deeper than before as they visit the festival of sight and sound.

Visiting My garden leaves impressions not forgotten.

Visiting My garden creates substance to the faith.

Visiting My garden leaves a trail of tales to tell.

Visiting My garden is as a recurring dream where details are exact,

                                is as a support of testimonies where truth is to the fore,

                                is as an affirmation of the leading of mortality to find and to prepare,

                                is as a confirmation of the destiny as sought within the promises of God,

                                is as a continuation where Grace creates the staircase to and for The Stars of God.

Visiting My garden starts the eyes to darting,

                                puts awe upon a face,

                                surrounds with sounds of might and majesty not yet heard upon The Earth.

Visiting My garden is not for all to attend,

                                is selective and precise,

                                is filled with witnessing both to the spirit and the soul of man.

Visiting My garden oft changes the previous goals within mortality,

                                oft changes the belief systems of the guests,

                                oft changes the mind sets of the attitudes which redirect the effort.

Visiting My garden is not an end unto itself.

Visiting My garden exhibits an open door to surroundings wherein My saints can dwell.

Visiting My garden brings the future for recall to the present,

                                brings the concurrency of events,

                                brings the clients to view the effort of the architect on their behalves.

Visiting My garden sheds light upon the coming dawn:

                                         as the patterning of raindrops will eventually wet The Earth in completeness –

                                                                                                        when they fall within persistence of concurrency.

Visiting My garden is not  born of a waywardness of extremity,

                                is not born of a necessity of shoring up,

                                is not born of any need to lend a hand to truth.

Visiting My garden is to encourage the fence sitters to land on the side of evidence,

                                    to encourage the atheists and agnostics to examine:

                                                                         the witness of the eyes,

                                                                         the circumstances surrounding each visit,

                                                                         the end-time witnessing born both of desperation and of hope.

Visiting My garden is an offering of assistance in support,

                                is of much avail through trials and tribulation,

                                is the instigator of the tales of triumph,

                                                          of the achievement of success in the answering of the suppositions.

Visiting My garden is a snapshot of existence beyond the reins of mortality.

Visiting My garden is an experience within the reality of existence:

                                                           with ramifications from the selecting of a destiny,

                                                                                         from making a commitment,

                                                                                         from seeking an adoption,

                                                                                         from crying out the despairs within a soul,

                                                                                         from accepting a dependency for forgiveness on the Son of God,

                                                                                         from the gratitude within a heart at the sacrifice established,

                                                                                         from the flood of Grace which opens wide the pathways of the Law:

                                                                                                                     previously too difficult for man to walk successfully.

Visiting My garden can be examined for the annotations as recorded by each visit,

                                can reveal the similarities,

                                can compare the experiences,

                                can compare the likelihood of truth as the backdrop to each theme,

                                can assess in the light of the descriptive texts that which:

                                                                                                       has been,


                                                                                                       shall continue,

                                                                                               in the presence of The Living Loving God.

Visiting My garden occurs in the desperation of a momentary invitation,

                                is neither to be envied nor sought in duplication.

Visiting My garden makes possible the ability to reflect on an occurrence outside the normality of the life of man:

                                                         that which is reserved unto the future life of man,

                                                         that which expresses the confirmation due the faith of man,

                                                         that which shouts from the past into the present so the future may not go unrewarded,

                                                         that which requires the presence of grace to envelop a contrite heart while it is today.”


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