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The Window of Opportunity (20.6.16)

“The window of opportunity is closing fast,

                                               is closing more every day,

                                               is closing on Faith,

                                               is closing on Grace,

                                               is closing closing closing,

                                                                 soon to be shut firmly and in place.

The window of opportunity will not  be re-opened once closed,

                                             will not be made available once the hourglass becomes empty,

                                             will not be permitted to grant in grace with faith,

                                             will not be possible other than to plead in mercy,

                                             will not be feasible to restart or alter the clock of God for man:

                                                                                                       when the time with faith comes to an end.

The window of opportunity has been open for millennia,

                                             has had very great publicity,

                                             has welcomed the seekers and committed,

                                             knows well the faithful who dwell in grace.

The window of opportunity shares many things with man,

                                             shares many aspects of creation,

                                             shares many wonders and delights,

                                             shares like images galore,

                                             shares His sacrifice upon the cross of God unto the life of man,

                                             shares the inheritance of The Son with the children of The Father,

                                                                                                    with the sons of God,

                                                                                                    with eternity in mind.

The window of opportunity is about to open the flood gates of God as an age is closed,

                                                                                                            as a rule begins,

                                                                                                            as changes come to the fore,

                                                                                                            as memories are built,

                                                                                                                 are heaped,

                                                                                                                 are difficult to count,

                                                                                                                 are each to survive indefinitely.

The window of opportunity initiates the flow of living water from the floodgates of God.

The window of opportunity does not stifle the flow,

                                             allows the living water to flow unimpeded,

                                             watches the  living water as it reaches out with new life,

                                             guards the living water so it does not vanish down a sink hole,

                                             tests the living water for both taste and vitality.

The window of opportunity seizes its namesake and expands the horizons of man:

                                                                                    expands the flood so thirst is quenched,

                                                                                    expands the flood so knowledge grows,

                                                                                    expands the flood so wisdom comes,

                                                                                    expands the flood so gifts appear,

                                                                                    expands the flood so testimonies present,

                                                                                    expands the flood so honour travels from The Son unto The Father,

                                                                                    expands the flood so My Spirit thrives in the presence of new temples.

The window of opportunity is about to start a flood greater than in the days of Noah,

                                             will have greater consequences for man,

                                             will have much greater reach,

                                             will fill the voids of God—

                                             will fill the isolated enclaves of man—

                                                                   with revival as the fire of My Spirit sweeps across the surface of The Earth:

                                                                                                                                       into every nook and cranny,

                                                                                                                                       into ever crevasse and crevice,

                                                                                                                                       into every cave and hole,

                                                                                                                                       into every slum and castle.

The floodgates of God overseas the startup of a new beginning,

                                     follows the tribulation,

                                     accompanies the bride,

                                     prepares for the coming King.

The floodgates of God does  not bring force of arms.

The floodgates of God does bring peace with righteousness,

                                     does bring citizens with wisdom,

                                     does bring knowledge to the schools of children,

                                                                         to the schools of man.

The floodgates of God are the seven semblances of My Holy Spirit:

                                                                              seen in action with their charters,

                                                                              seen in action in the reaping,

                                                                              seen in action in the instructing,

                                                                              seen in action within the reality of man,

                                                                              seen in action at the behest of The Living Loving God.

The floodgates of God will not be closed before the cynical and the proud,

                                                                  before the criminals and the insane,

                                                                  before the prisoners and the convicted,

                                                                  before the flotsam and the jetsam of life.

The floodgates of God welcome all to join the souls of God,

                                     welcome all to step up to eternity,

                                     welcome all to become adopted into the family of God,

                                     welcome all to change their dwelling places to temples,

                                     welcome all to become the friends of God,

                                     welcome all outside the fold to be welcomed home where they belong.

The floodgates of God have much to offer man,

                                     come without a price ticket,

                                     have had all expenses paid.

The floodgates of God uplift gently and securely,

                                     uplift from the dirt into the heavens,

                                     uplift from discomfits and distractions into the honouring from God.

      The Spirit says,


      The Son says,


      The Father says,


      God in unison says,


                               unto the home of your belonging.’”


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