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The Wishing of Man (30.3.16)

“The wishing of man is not a prayer to God.

The wishing of man is a desire that is not of God,

                                 is a desire tabled on the altars of idolatry,

                                 is a desire of coveting that has no claim to ownership,

                                                         that has no life within reality,

                                                         that has no summary that falls within the bounds of an agreement.

The wishing of man is based on flights of fancy,

                                 can be on the basis of a lie,

                                 can be born of exaggeration,

                                 can be birthed through misadventure,

                                 can open up a portal for the crowding in of the demonic,

                                                          for their crowing of success,

                                                          for the onset of the pain and the discomfit of the body.

The wishing of man greets the day with disappointment,

                                 greets the night with dissatisfaction,

                                 greets the morrow with an endless supply of wants as if laid before a witch.

The wishing of man is not helped by a coin dropped in a well,

                                                       by a coin thrown in a fountain,

                                                       by a coin pushed in a slot.

The wishing of man is destructive to his faith,

                                 is hypocritical of his prayer life,

                                 is thankless to his God who cares for and watches over all his child both says and does.

The wishing of man is recognition of the dreams of man remaining out of reach,

                                 spurs selfishness to override a life of common sense,

                                 spurs the will of man to concentrate on the ingrain searching for wish fulfilment.

The wishing of man places man in a hunt for the inane,

                                                           for the ridiculous,

                                                           for the suggestions of satanic forces:

                                                 from the reading of the stars;

                                                 from the made up stories from the psalmists and false psychics who fill the columns of the day – 

                                                                         worded so that ‘truths’ can be detected for application from within the nonsense.

The wishing of man leads to a disconnect from reality,

                                          to a disconnect from life,

                                          to a disconnect from faith,

                                                           from commitment,

                                                               from walking in the truth which would lead such safely home.

The wishing of man creates worthless comparisons which feed upon themselves,

                                                                                   which are given credence as they are given dominance,

                                                                                   which are difficult to delete once the habit is established and counsel
                                                                                                                                                                                    is foregone.

The wishing of man is without achievement,

                                 lays a bedding of frustration,

                                  encourages a living in the past where the chorus of ‘what ifs’ fill all the days of sanity and longing.

The wishing of man are the daydreams of man:

                                                       when his thinking is not governed by direction;

                                                       when his spirit is silenced by the soul;

                                                       when he gravitates towards demonic invitations;

                                                       when he dwells on the ‘unfairness’ of his position;

                                                       when he decides he has been ’hard done by’;

                                                       when he becomes convinced he is ‘owed’ within ‘a right’ –

                                                                                      to possess that seen to be so coveted yet remains beyond his reach.

The wishing of man surfaces amidst the turmoil of the mind,

                                 surfaces within the turmoil of expression,

                                 surfaces within the network of desires as birthed and spread –

                                                                                                  by a waywardness of application –

                                                                                                  by thoughts without either perception or control.

The wishing of man should be stamped on at the outset,

                                 should be banned as a verb within a vocabulary when used in the first person,

                                 should not come forth as a profanity from the lips of man:

                                              in expressing dissatisfaction for all the gifts of God –

                                                                                   where the heart is not impressed by gratitude –

                                                                                                         is without a list of all which is received.

The wishing of man has no promises of supply,

                                       no promises of provisioning;

                                                               becomes strengthened with the lengthening into a satanic list,

                                                               becomes a burden on a back not easily dislodged.

The wishing of man is neither a vision nor a dream as brought by God,

                                 is the encroaching of sin into an opened field of play:

                                                                where dangers lurk for both ‘faith’ and ‘righteousness’.

The wishing of man brings restrictions to the field of endeavour,

                                 brings attributes from different sources encouraged to feel at home,

                                 brings acceptance of dispersion for the hunt of ‘like with like’: 

                                                     as the attack proceeds with the search for reinforcements which fester on agreement.

The wishing of man separates man from his God,

                                 widens a hollow:

                                                into a ditch,

                                                into a moat,

                                                into a crevasse –

                                                         where a bridge is then required to overcome the built in difficulty:

                                                                                      of access to a body soul and spirit now in need of rescue –

                                                                                                                                        prior to darkness completing its descent.”


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