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Vacancies Within My Garden (10.4.16)

“Vacancies within My garden are not known as such.

Vacancies within My garden do not occur as per mortality,

                                               have no death event to create a vacancy,

                                               have no transfer to a colony to be regarded as a vacancy,

                                               have no vacancy at all waiting to be filled.

Vacancies within My garden do not have a queue waiting to be satisfied,

                                               do not have an emptiness waiting to be matched,

                                               do not have an absence of entity in expectation of return.

Vacancies within My garden are prepared and readied in a different sense:

                                               can be completed and located within an instant build in time;

                                                                                                within an instantaneous light flash of intent in the absence of time;

                                                                                                within an eye blink,

                                                                                                      if there were one,

                                                                   where change occurs faster than can be measured;

                                                                                                      faster than perception;

                                                                                                      faster than the reactions of those who witness such and know.

Vacancies within My garden is a useful metaphor to enhance the understanding of the saints of God,

                                                                                                           of the bride of Christ:

                                                                                                                   to the capacity for adoption,

                                                                                                                   to the capacity of Heaven,

                                                                                                                   to the capacity of Hell.

‘Vacancies’ within My garden can not be filled by any ordering of man,

                                                                            by any prioritizing by man –

                                                                                                     neither by deposit,

                                                                                                          nor by payment,

                                                                                                     neither by presentation,

                                                                                                          nor that by way of reservation.

‘Vacancies’ within My garden are not determined by the prayers of man,

                                                                                 by the order of the filling of the graves,

                                                                                 by the stilling of the heart beats,

                                                                                 by reference to the wills of man or;

                                                                                 by whatever is decreed;

                                                                                 by wherever such is stored;

                                                                                 by however great or low is the inheritance so treated.

‘Vacancies’ within My garden are governed by My Spirit,

                                                 are governed by the actions of freewill,

                                                 are governed by the master entries in The Lamb’s Book of Life,

                                                 are governed by the closeness of the relationships with God.

‘Vacancies’ within My garden reach out and absorb knowledge with the wisdom;

                                                 reach out and fulfil the promises of God;

                                                 reach out and uphold the rewards for servanthood both established and verified in the absence
                                                                                                                                            of exaggeration.

‘Vacancies’ within My garden are refused with good cause,

                                                 are delayed with an appeal of fact,

                                                 are delayed when the record is disjointed with freewill activities changing by the day,

                                                 are delayed when subject to appeal from an appellant with a claim worthy of resolution,

                                                 are delayed when a plaintiff seeks redress from what has gone before.”


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