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The End-time Summary of God


    the Lord Jesus,

       survey the multitudes this day,

       survey My people this day,

       survey the need for the End-time Psalms of God to assist with the readiness of man,

                            in the days of preparation,

                            in the call to be ready to join the bride of Christ,

                            in the end-time where faith and grace prevail until the new dawn arises.


   the Lord Jesus,

       present this book from within My dictation—

              where it has been sleeping—

              awaiting to come forth into the networks of man,

                                                    into the social media in its fullness,

                                                    into the trumpet call of God,

                                                    into the world at loggerheads,

                                                    into the world in turmoil,

                                                    into the world of nation calls,

                                                    into the world where unity has been split by the axe of discord—

                                                                                                                    surfacing from the voices of self interest:

                                                                                                                                                  those chasing self-aggrandizement—

                                                                         at the expense of those not permitted to feed at the tables of the gross and selfish—

                                                                                                                 who rule and reign without consideration for their fellow man.


   the Lord Jesus,

       suffer all the children of the world to come unto Me—

                                                           all those still young at heart,

                                                           all those who care for and love their children too,

                                                           all those who seek the beauty and the peace within a sanctuary,

                                                           all those who would walk hand-in-hand with their God where joy and love survive,

                                                           all those who have not joined the barbarity of man.


   the Lord Jesus,

       would step across the thresholds where an invitation is declared,

                                                            where an invitation still exists within a heart,

                                                            where an invitation comes to the fore when musing on the reality of God.


   the Lord Jesus,

       know when love is surfacing;

       know when love is proclaiming;

       know when love is present;

       know when love surmounts;

       know when love shares gratitude;

       know when love deepens,



                                             into the agape love of God.


   the Lord Jesus,

       am reaching out to man with the end-time urgency,

                                              with the offered hand of the Loving God,

                                              with the understanding and the knowledge of the shortness of the breath of man,

                                                                                                             of the dwindling sand now present within the hourglass of man,

                                                                                                             of the proximity of man’s farewell to Faith and Grace,

                                                                                                             of the onset of the troubling of man—

                                                                                                                                          who still carries sin—

                                                                                                                                          who is not seated at the table of the Lord—

                                                                                                                                          who is not seated at the setting of the bread and wine.


   the Lord Jesus,

       call for sacrifice of self,

       call for attention to a destiny,

       call for the forbearance of default,

       call for the commitment of man to his Loving God,

       call for man to make use of the mantles of Faith and Grace—

                                 and so achieve the salvation of his soul;

                                             the redemption of his spirit;

                                             the justifying of his flesh:

                                                                               as righteousness is welcomed,

                                                                               as My Spirit greets,

                                                                               as the body of man becomes The Temple of The Living God.”

                                                                                                                            Gratefully received from The Lord for use in this— both His first and ninth book.

11.48 am – 12.38  pm Monday 19th December 2016


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