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The Actions of The Spirit

“The Spirit,

   the Holy Spirit,

   the Baptizer of the spirit of man,

                        confirms the work of the Spirit by anointing the freewill;

                                                              by anointing the flesh;

                                                              by anointing the spirit.

The Spirit anoints those who would stand before the Lord in supplication.

The Spirit leads those who would be led;

                 guides those who would be guided;

                 speaks through those who have surrendered.

The Spirit would lead the surrendered flesh.

The Spirit anoints the broken-hearted,

                 anoints the contrite,

                 anoints the confessed,

                 anoints all those who bow the knee before the Lord.

The Spirit knows the freewill of man,

                 knows the spirit of man,

                 knows the flesh of man.

The Spirit does not know the soul of man.

The Spirit teaches man of woman in the empowering of the spirit,

            testifies to man of woman by the empowering of the spirit,

            works through man of woman with the empowering of the spirit.

The empowering of the spirit,

                                 the spirit of man,

                                            will move man of woman to testify of God.

The Spirit comes on the wind of Heaven,

                            bringing God to man,

                            at the behest of the Father.

The Spirit,

      the Holy Ghost,

          the Comforter,

               comes as arrayed before the thrones,

                          so arrayed before the angels,

                          to array the freewill of man.

The Spirit comes to allay the fears of man.

The Spirit moves with the Fire of the Lord,

                                    the Fire of the Spirit,

                                    the Empowering of God.

The Spirit moves over the face of the chosen of the Lord,

                            over the peoples of the nations,

                            over the face of the Earth.

The Spirit moves among the dung hills of the cities,

                            among the mansions on the hills,

                            among the multitudes of man.

For when the Spirit moves the freewill of man will wonder,

                                           the freewill of man will judge,

                                           the freewill of man may come to know the Lord.

When the Spirit moves man's destiny is changed;

                                       man's destiny is changed by the moving of the Spirit;

                                       the moving of the Spirit changes the destiny of man.

The Spirit moves in power,

                            in wrath and by decree.

The Spirit moves in love,

                            in gentleness and by prayer.

The Spirit moves in authority,

                            in subservience and by ministry.

The Spirit hears the pleadings of the people,

                 hears the cries of the lost,

                 hears the blasphemies from the freewill of man.

The Spirit is grieved when forced to listen to the voice of man.

The Spirit listens to instructions from on high,

                 listens for the tongues of saints in prayer,

                 listens at the prayer-room of the heart.

The listening of the Spirit consoles the heart of man.

The Spirit does the Will of the Father and the Son,

                 does progress the plan for man,

                 does decide the destiny of man.

When deciding,

           the Spirit examines the freewill and spirit of man.

The Spirit acts to thwart the plans of Lucifer,

                 acts in the interests of man,

                 acts in fellowship with the Father and the Son,

                 acts in love,

                 acts with compassion,

                 acts through authority.

The Spirit,

 the Baptizer of the Beloved,

 the Marshal of the Hosts,

                                  calls the Fire of Heaven down on Earth.”


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