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The Destiny of Lucifer

“And so it was,

              that Lucifer,

                            having been created in the image of God,

                            was set in the heavenly places to rule with God.

Lucifer grew in knowledge and in understanding,

                      in authority and in influence,

                      in stature and in perception.

Lucifer attained his destiny.

Lucifer wanted more.

Lucifer encouraged the created beings,

                                 the angels,

                                            to change allegiance.

Lucifer promised what he could not keep,

                            what he could not do,

                            what he could not deliver to those,

                                                                       his servants,

                                                                       in rebellion.

                                                          They believed him.

                                                          They trusted him.

                                                          They followed him.

Then the Lord Sovereign God,

         the Almighty,

         the Holy One of Israel surveyed all of His creation—

                                              and the cause of dissent and the result of dissent were torn from the heavenly places—

                                                                                                                                 where they had been set by God.

                       All those in dissent,

                            those that did not agree,

                            those that did not bow,

                            those that did not acknowledge were despatched to another realm that they may be company one to another.

Lucifer challenged God.

             challenged the righteousness of the creation of God.

God accepted the challenge from His creation.


        His creation,

                        was given dominion over the Earth for a time.

Lucifer was permitted to attempt to thwart the plans of God for the Earth.

Lucifer did not know the plans of God,

             did not see the Book of Life,

             shall not see the Book of Life.

Now Lucifer and those who dissented attempt to steer man away from God,

                                                             attempt to prevent man's attainment of his destiny,

                                                             attempt to prevent God's walk with man.

And Lucifer's success is according to the agency of man—

                                                                                    a gift of God,

                                        that man may choose in whom he will trust,

                                                                           whom he will believe,

                                                                           to whom he will respond.

And God has made himself known to His creation and has provided a way out from disobedience;

                                    that man,

                                    His creation,

                                          may again walk with God and recover from the fall from grace instigated by Lucifer.

And Lucifer lures the freewill of men with the souls of men.

        Lucifer lures and God forbids,

                    seizes and God records,

                    claims and God offers.

        Lucifer may not overcome the agency of man.

Man remains free to turn from Lucifer until the death of the flesh.

Lucifer is the enemy of man.

Lucifer knows the soul of man,

            has access to the soul of man,

            influences the soul of man.

       Beware of the soul of man.

       The soul of man leads man to destruction.

       Let the freewill of man not be subject to the soul of man.

Then Lucifer used immorality,




                               envy to destroy the Temple of the flesh.

Then Lucifer used disobedience,



                               insanity to imprison the freewill of man.

Then Lucifer used lies,


                                and all forms of iniquity, 

                                                     to destroy the spirit of man.

And Lucifer laughed at those who accepted the wages of sin—

                                                                          for he knew their destiny.

       Beware of the wages of sin.

       The wages of sin are no treasure,

                                   may not be redeemed,

                                   entail the destruction of man.

       Accept not the wages of sin.

       Do not touch the wages of sin.

       Bank not the wages of sin.

       Shy from the Paymaster of Sin,

                       the Banker of Men's Souls,

                       the Accountant of Hell.

Lucifer is now dominant in the freewill of men.

Lucifer now has captured the ways of men,

                    rejoices at his success,

                    believes he cannot lose,

                    looks to the day of account.


       in accord with the Book of Life,

                                                 the Spirit,

                                                 the Holy Spirit,

                                                 the Holy Messenger,

                                                 the Holy Instigator,

                                                            is released afresh upon the Earth.

The Spirit will now test the agency of man.

The Spirit will now reclaim the living from the dead,

                                             those in whom the conscience lives,

                                             all those who comprehend the reality of God.

Let those who read,


let those who understand,


let those who decide,

                            be so judged.”


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