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The Faith of The People

“And the faith of the people was tried.

  And the faith of the people was tested.

  And the faith of the people failed.

  And the faith of the people was restored.

The faith of the people was renewed by the moving of the Spirit.

        The faith of the people will prevail,

                                             will suffice,

                                             will justify—

                                               all those who would know the Lord.

      For faith is the harbinger of miracles;

                     is the harbinger of hope;

                     is the harbinger of eternal life.

             Faith initiates the walk with God;

                       maintains the walk with God;

                       improves the walk with God.

Faith comes to the freewill of man at the awakening of man's spirit,

                                        when the call of God is heard within man's soul,

                                        when answering the call of God.

                    When faith comes,

                                              doubts leave;

                     when faith comes,

                                              joy enters:

                     when faith comes,

                                              the Spirit moves;

                     when faith comes,

                                              peace comes;

                     when faith comes,

                                              sin retreats;

                     when faith comes,

                                              the soul pouts;

                     when faith comes,

                                              angels are assigned;

                     when faith comes,

                                              the Book of Life is entered.

                    When faith comes,

                                   the Son rejoices with the Father and the Spirit.

     At the coming of faith the soul calls for help,

                                          the soul requests assistance,

                                          the soul receives according to the call.

     Beware of the call of the soul of man.

     Do not heed the soul of man.

     Do not let faith die.

     For when faith dies the freewill of man is damaged by the soul,

                                     man's spirit retreats and awaits another day,

                                     the heavens grieve and hope is lost.

     Faith precedes service.

     Faith precedes love.

     Faith precedes knowledge.

     Faith precedes understanding.

     Faith precedes the invitation to the banquet of the Lord.

     Faith precedes the attainment of man's destiny.

Let he who has faith,


 let he who has faith,


 let he who has faith,



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