My Scrolls

The Four Living Creatures

“The Four Living Creatures who were in the throne room will then precede the Lord,

                                                      fulfilling duties so and then assigned.

The four living creatures are numbered by the Lord.

The four living creatures have the faces of the Lord,

                                         have the signs of the Lord.

The four living creatures are the signals of the Lord,

                                         are numbered by the quadrants of the Lord.

The quadrant of one,

                emblazoned with the numeral on its flank,

                                    is the vanguard of those who go before.

The quadrant of one foretells,




The quadrant of two,

                emblazoned with the numeral on its shoulder,

                                    evaluates all things for those who now are there.

The quadrant of two decides,




The quadrant of three,

                emblazoned with the numeral on its chest,

                                    condones the deeds for those now there,

                                                                     of quadrants one and two.

The quadrant of three verifies,



The quadrant of four,

                emblazoned with the numeral on its forehead,

                                    adjusts the way of those who will process.

The quadrant of four determines,



The quadrant numbered four affirms,



The quadrant of four brought the quadrant of one forth;

                                  brought the quadrant of two to attention and the quadrant of three to service.

Let those who reason,


 let those who know,


 let those who respect,


The living creatures are released by the Lord.

The living creatures will not settle,

                                 will not come together,

                                 will not stop,

                                 will come when called.

The living creatures are known one to another,

                                 move in unison,

                                 bow before,

                                 gather in.

The living creatures respond to love,




      Mighty are the ways of the living creatures.

      The living creatures are aware of a new way traversed by the Sun.”


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