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The Gate to Life

“The gate to life is difficult to find for those who know not where to search,

                           is impossible to open for those who do not hold the key,

                           remains shut to those who may not pass.

       For those who know the way the gate to life swings open wide,

                                                      the gate to life presents itself,

                                                      the gate to life will never close.

The closing of the gate cancels sin,

                                     locks in sin,

                                     determines sin.

Those who love the Lord will not be at the closing of the gate.

       The closing of the gate shall presage the closing of the freewill.

       The freewill is closed when learning stops,

                                          when light is gone,

                                          when darkness reigns.

       The freewill is closed where joy is not,

                                          where confusion reigns,

                                          where all is lost.

       Suffer not the freewill to be closed.

       Close not the freewill of man.

       The freewill of man do not close.

       Closing of the freewill presages the Death numbered by Two.

       The Death of Two affects the freewill of man,

                                     affects the spirit of man,

                                     affects the company of man,

                                     outweighs the death of one.

       The freewill of man should avoid the Death of Two.

       The freewill of man can now avoid the Death of Two.

       The freewill of man by seeing,




                                                  can avoid the Death of Two.

       The freewill of man that seeks and finds will avoid the Death of Two.

       The Death numbered by Three is final.

       The Death of Three is beyond redemption.

       The Death of Three cancels all.

       Woe to any man subject to the Death of Three.

       The Death of Three outweighs all those that go before.

       There is no gate that opens inwards from the Death of Three.

When the Lord heard the praises of His people,

                          those borne to the heavens by the chariot of fervency,

                                                                                    of enthusiasm,

                                                                                    of endeavour,

                                 then the Lord recognized the voices of His people.

The Lord will recognize the voice of His people—

                                                      those who know His name;

                                                      those saved by grace;

                                                      those redeemed from the fall;

                                                      those hallowed by His name;

                                                      those committed by the Father;

                                                      those cared for by the angels;

                                                      those uplifted by the Spirit;

                                                      those to be welcomed by the Son;

                                                      those to be installed by the Son;

                                                      those to be seated with the Son;

                                                      those to reign with the Son;

                                                      those to know eternity;

                                                      those who not fear death.

The Lord beckons,

                   and these,

                                the loved of the Lord—

                                                come running to the seat of their salvation,

                                                are welcomed to their glory,

                                                rejoice with the Spirit in their inheritance.”


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