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Serving in Heaven

“The Throne of Grace will plead for man before the Throne of White.

The Throne of White will judge according to the law that decrees justice.

The Throne of White decides the fate of man after the Spirit speaks.

       The speaking of the Spirit will not condone the sins of man.

       The Record of the Son shall pardon those who love the Lord.

            Those who love the Lord may call on the Spirit to reveal the love they there profess.

                 And there the justice of the Throne of White will be tempered by the mercy of the Throne of Grace.

The Throne of Grace receives the evidence of the Angels,

                                                 the evidence of man,

                                          and the evidence of the Spirit concerning the works of man on Earth—

                                                                                                                       those done in the name of the Risen King;

                                                                                                                       those done under the hand of the Father;

                                                                                                                       those done by the guidance of the Spirit.

The Throne of Grace acknowledges the works of man arising from the love of man for God.

The Throne of Grace conducts the affairs of Heaven,

                             as written in the Record of the Father,

                                  in conjunction with the Father and  the Spirit.

The Throne of Grace is the seat of authority of the Risen King,

                                                                            the Alpha and the Omega,

                                                                            the Messiah of the Jews,

                                                                            the Light of the Gentiles,

                                                                            the Sacrificial Lamb,

                                                                            the First-born of the Father,

                                                                            the Teacher of Man,

                                                                            the image of the Father,

                                                                            the Shepherd of the Flock,

                                                                            the intercessor for the Flock,

                                       the Blood-bought Son of the Living God that now reigns.

Around the Throne is gathered those who serve in Heaven—

                                                  all those under the authority of the Son.

Those who serve in Heaven are the spirits of the dead—

                                       those who died in service to the King—

                                       those awaiting the resurrection of their bodies—

                                       those who are the heirs of the Father—

                                       those who loved the Lord while on Earth.

                         And there,

                               while serving,

                               they learn the laws of Heaven that they themselves may rule in righteousness.

Those who serve in Heaven have stood before the Throne of White— 

                                              have been before the courts,

                                              have been confirmed by their angels,

                                                                upheld by the Son,

                                                                endorsed by the Spirit and approved by the Father.

Those who serve in Heaven are the children of God,

                                              are the redeemed of the Lord,

                                              are awaiting the resurrection of their bodies when the graves are opened at the shouting of the Lord.

      For when the graves are opened by the shouting of the Lord the love of God shall raise all those asleep.

      The love of God shall lift the dead and,

                                                                  united with their spirits,

                                                             reclaim them from the fall of man.

The fall of man has invoked the penalties for sin.

The soul of man will not survive the death of the Flesh—

                           may not come into the courts of praise,

                           dies with the flesh.

      The corruption of the flesh relates to the soul of man;

                           corruption of the soul of man ensures its death.

Death is ensured by the Will of God.

Death of the flesh is the inheritance of man arising from the fall of man.

            Man fell when man first disobeyed the instructions of the Lord;

            man will ascend when each acknowledges the Call of the Lord.

The Call of the Lord reaches into the soul of man.

The soul of man reacts to the Call of the Lord.

The soul of man is established at his birth—

                               his birth on the Earth created by the Son—

                               his birth on the Earth by woman—

                               his birth on the Earth which fulfills the plan of God.”



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