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The Sword of Vengeance

“The Lord came upon the people in power,

                                                           and defended them with the word,

                                                           and transfixed them with the sword,

                                                           and commended them with prayer. 

The people,

           seeing the power of God,

                            fell to the ground in awe and worshipped Him.

The people on the ground were spared,

                                          were blessed,

                                          were counted as the children of God.

The people who dared to stand before the power of God had the sword withdrawn and they no longer heard from their God.

Then another sword was sent by the Lord,

                                                        carried by an angel,

                                                        held aloft and on fire,

                                                        with a ‘V’ emblazoned on its blade.

And it was wielded with the authority of the One who sent the angel,

        it had two edges,

        it had not been used before,

        it shone and gleamed,

        it was not sheathed,

        it was ready to be used.

The Lord surveyed His people,

                                         those still standing on their feet,

                    and His heart was grieved at what He was about to do.

        For they would not repent;

               they would not listen to the servants;

               they would not receive the sovereignty of God.

The angel heard the commanded word of God and the sword,

                                                                                     once held aloft,

                                                                       moved in a sweeping curve.

       Few there were who stood before their God.

The angel sheathed the sword that now was wet.

       The sword that no longer burned with fire was sheathed.

       Sheathed was the sword now carried by the angel.

The angel of the Lord returned the sword to Heaven.

       The angels who saw the sword wept and cried in shame that their charges had not responded to their Lord.

The Father took the sword now proffered by the angel and returned it to the armoury of God.

       The sword now sheathed is resting in the armoury of God,

                         in waiting is resting in the armoury of God,

                         in readiness remains within the armoury of God.

The sword of vengeance rests.

The sword of vengeance waits.

The sword of vengeance will be used again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. 

                                                     And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Let him who can count,


 let him who knows,


 let him who believes,



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