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The Ways of The Spirit


       rejoice in the Spirit,

       rejoice with the Spirit,

       rejoice for the Spirit.

The Spirit rejoices with the spirit of man in the courts on high,

                               with man at the destiny of man,

                               when man is called.

The Spirit,

 the Holy Spirit,

 the Comforter,

                 rejoices when man hears the call of God;

                                                hears the whisper of his spirit;

                                                hears the fullness of the word;

                                                      for then changes the destiny of man.

The Spirit greets;

 the Spirit embraces;

 the Spirit enfolds;

 the Spirit endows;

 the Spirit affirms;

 the Spirit lauds;

 the Spirit enacts;

 the Spirit leads.

The Spirit commends;

 the Spirit directs;

 the Spirit contacts;

 the Spirit delivers;

 the Spirit reports;

 the Spirit records;

 the Spirit notifies.

The Spirit evaluates;

 the Spirit approves;

 the Spirit convinces;

 the Spirit convicts;

 the Spirit denotes;

 the Spirit inspires;

 the Spirit revokes;

 the Spirit condemns.

The Spirit uplifts.

The Spirit reveals.

The Spirit rejoices.

       Mighty are the ways of the Spirit,

                    are the deeds of the Spirit,

                    are the celebrations of the Spirit.

       The celebrations of the Spirit are directed by the Lord;

                                                       are consummated by the Lord;

                                                       are in character with the Lord.

The Spirit celebrates when the love of man is heard.

The Spirit celebrates when man,

                                       around the banquet of the Lord,

                                                                              is gathered.

The Spirit celebrates when man's spirit is acknowledged by man's freewill;

                                  when man's spirit subjects man's soul;

                                  when man's soul is loosed from Lucifer;

                                  when the living creatures numbered by four are loosed;

                                  when man is loosed from the bondage of his soul.

The Spirit welcomes the soul of man when it is renewed,

                                  the spirit of man when accompanied by the freewill,

                                  the temple of man when it is complete.

The Spirit cleaves the soul of man at the passing of the flesh,

                 cleaves that man may be redeemed,

                 cleaves that Lucifer may not control the freewill of man,

                 cleaves that the throne rooms remain the sanctuary of God.

      The Sanctuary of God is held sacred to the trust.

      The sanctuary of God is for the Company of God—

                                            those called by the name of the Lord—

                                            those called by the authority of the Father—

                                            those called by the sovereign act of the Sovereign God.

      The sanctuary of God will prevail throughout eternity.

The Spirit cleanses the soul of man at the passing of the flesh.

The Spirit,

        at the passing of the flesh,

                        surveys the soul of man;

                        evaluates the soul of man;

                        records the soul of man in the Book of Life.

The soul of man,

        at the passing of the flesh,

        at the death of the flesh,

        at the end of man's life upon the Earth,

                                                is received by the Soul of God.”


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