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The Footfalls of Man (7.12.10)

“The footfalls of man are not  made with care,

                                   are not with prior examination of the earth on which his footsteps fall,

                                   are not as a result of knowledge in effect,

                                   are not as a sign of wisdom being practised.

The footfalls of man leave the imprint of the body,

                                           the testimony of the spirit,

                                           the experience of the soul.

The footfalls of man in his mortality carry a record which is trackable and true,

                                                                               which is without evasion,

                                                                               which is without the beacons which invite the critiquing of his ambulations.

The footfalls of man meander through the darkness without a guiding light,

                                                                               without the counselling to keep him from the mire,

                                                                               without a map which discloses the search pattern necessary when lost.

The footfalls of man ignore The Spirit offering help,

                                             The Spirit who would make known a sure and certain way where every foot would step with an
                                                                                                                                       assuredness of placement:

                                            for then would man not know the stumble of the fall as the foot shies into a crevice of impediment.

The footfalls of man are numerous and varied,

                                  impose knowledge of the body,

                                  transfer knowledge of the condition of the soul,

                                  measure the intent of the spirit within the environment of man.

The footfalls of man are composed of all that man discards on his journey of the day,

                                                                                               on his activities upon the fall of night.

The footfalls of man show when he chooses flight,

                                  show when he chooses to stand,

                                  show when he extends his height,

                                  show when he is as within the womb.

The footfalls of man show when he is behaving in the stature of his character,

                                  show when he shrinks to hide his form inside the secrets of the night.

The footfalls of man are the spoor of man,

                                        the signs of his passing by,

                                        the signs of where he chooses to so linger.

The footfalls of man portray an image of his attitude to the reception of his senses:

                                              an image of discovery or an image that defiles –

                                              an image of self-indulgence –

                                              an image of self-incrimination –

                                              an image of self-aggrandizement –

                                                                       within an inflated hollow shell.

The footfalls of man share discernment with understanding of how they were created,

                                        why their record stands exactly as it is,

                                        when they accepted or forsook the pattern of a habit,

                                        where their leading will foreshadow the achievement of the likely destination,

                                        whether there is any indication of a search in progress which would bear upon his present plight.

The present plight of man reflects the expression of freewill as the life events are encountered,

                                                                                 as the signposts are ignored,

                                                                                 as the futility of a lifestyle raises no thought as to the consequence.


The present plight of man reflects his spurning of the knowledge of The God of Love.

The present plight of man reflects a withdrawal from –

                                                       a rejection of –

                                                                an inter-locking relationship with The God of Love.

The present plight of man reflects his dismissal or denial of the offer extended within the age of grace by The God of Love.

For on the makers of the footfalls will everlasting mercy fall –

                                                                 from the mercy seat –

            upon their choosing to seek shelter under the mantle of the covenant established at the cross.

For when a heart is humbled,

 for when a heart is contrite,

 for when a heart is seeking,

                          so will that heart be answered as the call resounds in heaven.”


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