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The Venturing of Man (11.3.11)

“Many are the ways of man, 

                varied are the ways of man, 

                                known are the ways of man.

The ways of man can be desirable, 

                             can be repellent, 

                             can be at the forefront of a memory, 

                             can be looking for a place to hide.

The ways of man describe a path walked to a goal, 

                                           a path inscribed within a heart, 

                                           a path which leads to the end of the mortality of man.

The ways of man venture where they should or venture where they should not; 

                             venture with the light or venture with the darkness; 

                             venture with wisdom present or venture with foolishness where wisdom is unknown.

The ways of man venture with knowledge or venture with ignorance; 

                             venture with a plan or venture at a whim; 

                             venture with the signposts or venture within a jungle.

The venturing of man is difficult to discern, 

                                    is difficult to endorse, 

                                    is difficult to recommend, 

                                    is difficult to verify, 

                                    is difficult to endure, 

                                    is difficult to duplicate within the scope of his fellow man.

The venturing of man is often at loggerheads with the counsel of his spirit, 

                                    is often in cahoots with his soul, 

                                    is often in jeopardy of his body.

The venturing of man often surrounds him in ill-will, 

                                   often exposes him to trials, 

                                   often leads to risk when trepidation arises from what is underfoot.

The venturing of man speaks of man’s survival, 

                                   speaks of man’s seeking of new horizons, 

                                   speaks of man on trails which peter out, 

                                   speaks of man imprinting that which has no map, 

                                                                             that which does not support a compass, 

                                                                             that which offers little guidance as on a cloudy day.

The venturing of man should not lead to a cavern of destruction, 

                                    should not block him in as he gasps for breath, 

                                    should not deposit him with loneliness where thirst besets the tongue.

The venturing of man should be gallant in its nature, 

                                    should be presentable and true, 

                                    should be accessible to assistance when the going is impassable, 

                                    should always be considering the welcoming cry of children at the onset of the dusk, 

                                    should know the ears which linger for the footfall at the door, 

                                    should never put at risk all which he holds dear.

The venturing of man should be acceptable to his loving God, 

                                    should be as a thornless rose in presentation, 

                                    should be as a journey to the nations where the way home is made well-known.”


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