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The Website of The Lord (Net) (3.6.10)

“This day,


          The Lord,

               bring to pass the structuring of the website of The Lord,

                                                                 the website of My return,

                                                                 the website of My Banner,

                                                                 the website that positions My books in which I call to man.

My website which encircles the earth,

                   which is the voice of proclamation,

                   which is defined in love,

                              is for the closing of the age.

For within the website of The Lord lies the pathway to the multitudes,

                                                                the pathway in which The Spirit reigns,

                                                                the pathway which both musters and mantles.

This pathway is as the fishing net of The Lord which is to be cast both far and wide,

                                                                                                       in this day,

                                                                                                       in this season,

                                                                                                       in this age of grace.

For the net of The Lord does not cast some back,

                                       permits some to escape,

                                       gathers those that linger in the net.

For the net of The Lord covers all the earth,

                                       fishes on the land,

                                       fishes in the skies,

                                       fishes on the seas.

For the net of The Lord does not rest as man requires,

                                       is active through the night,

                                       is active through the day.

The net of The Lord is ready for the harvest in this time of man,

                                  is ready for the clamour of the scramble to board the boat that casts the net -

                                                                                                                 the boat of the fisherman who knows the shores of Galilee.

The net of The Lord has no holes that need repair,

                                  does not trawl the bottom,

                                  offers safety to all who are in deep water.

The net of The Lord does not lure,

                                  does not entice,

                                  does not entrap.

The net of The Lord is set,

                                       with its presence known,

                                  does not have a mouth that closes,

                                  does not have a confusing maze.

The net of The Lord encircles and enfolds,

                                  releases without equivocation all who would not stay.

The net of The Lord does not impose duress,

                                  does not create victims of a capture,

                                  does not net a shoal that flaps upon the deck.

The net of The Lord is a lifeline to the depths,

                                  lifts all up to the light,

                                  knows each one by name.

The net of The Lord offers new life to the drowning,

                                  offers new life to the swimmers,

                                  offers new life to those at play within the shallows.”


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