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The Website of The Lord (Serves) (15.8.10)

“The website of The Lord is here to serve the message of The Lord to the people of The Lord.

The website of The Lord is here to serve the message of The Lord to the people who believe that conflict will achieve their aims. 

The website of The Lord is here to serve the message of The Lord to the people who usher in the waves of violence yet are never
                                                                                                                                                                              in their paths. 

The website of The Lord is here to serve the message of The Lord to the people with their bank balances brimming to overflow.

When order is important so will the order change: 

                                        so will the first be last, 

                                        so will the last be first.

When order is important so there is shuffling in the rank.

When order is important so the ruthless seek position, 

                                        so the selfish seek advantage, 

                                        so the weak of mind and motive are driven to the rear.

When order is important so the angels of The Lord ensure the change in sequence becomes of no avail.

The website of The Lord is here to serve the message of The Lord to the people: 

                          with their bank balances in the care of others, 

                          with their bank balances committed deep within the market place, 

                          with their bank balances installed on a foreign shore, 

                          with their bank balances vastly beyond their needs, 

                                                                  vastly beyond their ability to verify from scratch, 

                                                                  vastly beyond their ability to spend within the lifetime left for their time of life.

The bank balances of split portions of account, 

                               of spread portions in the banks, 

                               of tax-free portions in offshore deposits: 

                                                 such as these are all seen and assayed by God.

        The accumulating for the fun there-of with no end foreseen, 

         the secreting of a fortune in a place well out of sight, 

         the caring for a fortune which self-multiplies to everyone’s delight, 

                                               which maximizes gain, 

                                               which speak of riches acquired from the time spent in a vault, 

                                                                                             the time spent hung upon a wall, 

                                                                          the time spent waiting for its day of approbation when moved into the light -

                                              such as these need to be reserved to righteousness by the record of the gifting for a higher purpose.

For therein will lie the saving of a soul with its spirit still intact; 

 for therein will the donor see a loving God in action in his life; 

 for therein will lie the comfort of the dispossessed.

The website of The Lord knows of the tithe released which gently falls in grace; 

                                                        the tithe of application which addresses a task of prior concern; 

                                                        the tithe so claimed yet not of sufficient substance to be as the tithe of God.

The website of The Lord knows the gift made willingly from an open heart:

                                                    the gift with inspiration which does not cripple any bank balance -

                                                    the gift which can re-instate the cripple’s hope -

                           the cripple who may suffer from an injury of intent,

                                                                                the weakness of the body,

                                                                                a dilapidated soul,

                                                                                a neglected spirit -

                           the cripple who may call out from a roadside only to see others passing by on the other side.

The website of The Lord knows the painless throwing of a cheque,

                                                    the careful placement of the widow’s mite.

      Such as these will bless according to the heart of each,

                                             according to the sought reward,

                                             according to the extent it may have been the sharing of the treasure of the heart.

The website of The Lord knows of the beneficence of those who raise a hand to help,

                                                   raise a hand to bless,

                   raise a hand to offer mercy to those who have no voice to beg,

                                                                             who have no table from which to gather fallen crumbs,

                                                                             who have very little water,

                                                                                          very little food:

                                                                                  no cup to tender,

                                                                                  no bowl in which to receive,

                                                                                  no bed on which to rest a body in its frailty during the darkness of the night.

The loving God sees the bounty of His peoples,

                                  the bounty of their lands,

                                  the bounty of their living and the bounty of their giving.

The loving God of sacrifice has tears within His eyes -

                                                  when He sees others doing what He,


                                                                                                did not despise.

The loving God and saviour knows what it is like to rescue sinners from their difficulties -

                                                                                to lead them into light.

The loving God and redeemer knows the value of a wayward soul with a hounded spirit -

          would that man could understand what may so easily be lost by the shrugging of a shoulder,

                                                                                             a patting of a pocket -

                                                                                                             that which confirms the thought -

                                                                                                                                   this wallet will not bring joy today.

      For the owner of the wallet does not understand,

                                                   has not bothered to find out,

                  how to obtain the treasure which is stored beyond the grave,

                                                                                      beyond the refiner’s fire:

                                                                 to be so then displayed on an eternal gown of life -

                                                 embellished and adorned with the jewels of testimony.

The testimonies kept within the hearts of those who were in need,

                 who still held the hope of desperation,

                 who offered an outreached hand which would restore them to their feet,

                                                                      which would remove their outlook of despair 

                                  at a future where hope had been ransacked from the spirit,

                                                                       no longer dwelt within the soul:

            such as these are the jewels of glory destined for a gown -

                                                                       destined for a gown which sits beneath a crown.

For the wealth of man will not be judged by what he has accumulated -

                                                                   by what has been counted by a bank,

                                           but rather by what he did with the excess to his needs:

                                                     how he applied it to the welfare of his fellowman in need.

Wise is he who does not cross over,

                                             with averted eyes,

                                                      to the other side where mercy is ignored.

                                                                    For as mercy is granted so mercy will be granted;

                                                                          as mercy is withheld so mercy will be withheld.

As man so administers his day with grace,

              so will the record stand,

              so will his call for grace be heard.

As God is ignored,

                        so the record builds;

 as God is denied,

                        so the record changes;

 as God is decried,

                        so man is destined to follow the charting of his freewill as buried in his soul.”


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