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The Lamb's Book of Life (22.9.10)

“The Lamb’s Book of Life exists for all eternity, 

                                            existed in the time of law, 

                                            exists in the time of grace.

The Lamb’s Book of Life is the master index for each name, 

                                                records when a name is written, 

                                                records when a name comes up for help, 

                                                records when the new name written on a white stone is blotted out.

The Lamb’s Book of Life has every entry of each name attested, 

                                                                              verified and witnessed.

The Lamb’s Book of Life has index access to all that is recorded for the spirit, 

                                                                                                      the soul and the body - 

                                                                            from their coming into existence - 

                                                                            unto the ending of their time within the mortality of man.

The Lamb’s Book of Life is not a secret withheld from man, 

                                          should not come as a surprise, 

                                          is as recorded in the word.

The Lamb’s Book of Life will be opened for inspection, 

                                          does not need to prompt the memories of those who gaze therein, 

                                          does not contradict the recall of the happenings surveyed.

The Lamb’s Book of Life shuts the mouths that start to open, 

                                          stops recriminations at the threshold of an utterance, 

                                          defeats excuses without the status of sincerity, 

                                          explores reasons with validity which set in motion actions of relativity.

The Lamb’s Book of Life keeps pace with the freewill actions of each name therein inscribed.

The Lamb’s Book of Life has entries made until the age of grace is ended for each by the filling of each grave.

The Lamb’s Book of Life has an entry which will be blotted out if the soul now rules the spirit, 

                       with the body demanding freewill respect for a character established in denial of a truth once established in a heart.

     Such as they are without repentance for what passed their lips, 

                                                                for the deeds which were performed, 

                                                                for the intent of each heart to exercise extreme freewill regardless of the consequences.

     Such as they did not re-pledge afresh an old commitment of celebration, 

                                                                               now marked as lapsed, 

                                                  which placed a name within The Lamb’s Book of Life.

     Such as they wandered far within the world for the sating of their appetites, 

                          wandered far from - 

                                                     did not return to - 

                                                            the homeward path of man where a light does go before.

     Such as they ignored the tears of angels, 

                          ignored the tears of family, 

                          ignored the prayers of desperation

                                                  which brought a life boat to their feet at the river’s bank, 

                                                  which brought a life raft to the shore when the wind was fair.

     Such as they ignored the living water while slaking thirst from the hidden drains of life.

     Such as they may read of what, 

                                          of when, 

                                          of how they refused help for recovery as the sands of time vanished 

                                                             down below - 

                                                                      to expose an empty glass.

The Lamb’s Book of Life has great importance to man, 

                                          records how he saw existence in the presence of his God, 

                                          is a source which Man will not refute.

The Lamb’s Book of Life is the golden scroll which records man dealing with his God, 

                                                                         which records a loving God of intervention active in all aspects of the life of man.”


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