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India is A Land (30.12.11)

“India is a land set for refreshing,

           is a land set for My Spirit’s call,

           is a land within the sway of demons,

           is a land without a throne,

           is a land ruled by the idolatrous,

                                   by the selfish,

                                   by the uncaring,

                                   by the corrupt,

                                   by the inept –

                     by those who prepare to paint the future with the brushstrokes of the present –

                                                                                                                     to the detriment of all.

India is a land set for the reigning of My Spirit,

         is a land set for the giftings of My Spirit,

         is a land set for the blooming of the flowers of God,

         is a land set for the raising of the righteous,

         is a land set for the prophets’ calls,

                       set for the prophets’ messages,

                       set for the declarations from The Loving God.

India is a land set for the tending of My servants,

               so it may know the verdancy of the rice fields,

               so it may know the roads of travelling,

               so it may know the produce of renown,

               so it may share its wealth among its people,

               so the learned and the wise will be instated with authority,

               so the aged and the infirm will turn from cursing into blessing,

               so the young may see the promise of procurement overlay the curse of desolation,

               so the labourer and the artisan may both be rewarded for the effort of the day,

               so the captains of industry will share willingly with their staff so all may be enriched,


                                                                                                                 at peace –

                                                                                                        as righteousness prevails upon the land of India.

India is set to be an example to the multitudes who can neither read nor write,

                                                                          who are enslaved by their mother tongues,

                                                                          who cannot prescribe the plans which meet their aspirations.

India is a land set with peoples waiting to be freed.

India is a land deserving to be freed from the necessity for corruption,

                                                          from the circumstances inviting greed,

                                                          from the implications stemming from a lack of education,

                                                          from a lack of interest in the welfare of the people,

                                                          from an incentive,

                                        to treat the people with the honour and the integrity due each soul upon the earth.

India is a land awaiting the breaking of the classes for the prospering of all,

                       awaiting the updating of the facilities which enhance each life encountered,

                       awaiting the fair trading of communities which validate a family with security:

                                                                                                                          of expectation;

                                                                                                                          of shelter;

                                                                                                                          of sustenance.

India is a land waiting for a vision which can usher in a land of plenty to all who dwell therein.

India is a land awaiting a re-awakening so the promised future may be uplifted as fit for all.

India is a land of history,

         is a land of capabilities,

         is a land of complacency,

         is a land of inequality,

         is a land oppressed by those who rule only in self-interest –

                                              yet shelter behind the petticoats of democracy:

                                                                                   that which it was not intended ever to describe.”


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