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The Appeal of The Lord (2.2.11)

“This day, 


               The Lord Jesus Christ, 

                       write to you, 

                             via My scribe, 

                                    that you may become the friend of God for which you were intended.

For this day I would have you meet with Me with an enquiring mind. 

        For I love you with a love beyond the imaginings of man: 

              My love for you never falters, 

                                          never wanes, 

                                          never fades away, 

                                          never turns away, 

                                          never condemns, 

                                          never brings a shadow from The Son.

For in this day have I brought to be My Book which speaks of My return, 
                        have I brought to be My website which speaks of the need for a commitment in this time before the age of grace

                                                                                                                                                                                           does close.

For in this day have I brought to be, 

                         am I making known, 

                                My Flag of The Kingdom, 

                                My Standard of the land, 

                                My banner of the dance, 

                                My emblem of The Spirit.

For in this day am I clarifying the meaning of John’s vision as in My Book of Revelation – 

      so those who are committed may fully comprehend the prophetic vision for this season and this time.

For this is the time of preparation.

For this is an invitation to so prepare that you may be welcomed beyond the grave of man into the living presence of The God of

For this is the invitation to so prepare in your mortality for a life of wonder far beyond the grave.

For this day would I welcome you on your journey home, 

                    would I welcome you into the family of God, 

                    would I welcome you before the curtain falls and the die is cast, 

                    would I welcome you into a life of jubilation, 

                                                                        of celebration, 

                                                                        of inheritance within an eternal kingdom.

For this day I again bring the truth of God before the intellect of man. 

      Let not the intellect of man overpower the faith of the spirit of man. 

      Let not the intellect of man prevent the glory of the grand design for man – 

                                                                    to see it fall to wither in the dust.

      Let not the intellect of man bring to nought the plans of God – 

                                                                     through My respecting of man’s freewill in his ability to choose his destiny. 

      Let not the intellect of man be subject to procrastination, 

                                                                    to a disastrous delay, 

                                                                                         which installs the destiny of default.

So it is that I, 

       The Lord, 

              would appeal to man this day: 

                      to visit The Website of The Lord – 

                             that which I, 

                                     The Lord, 

                                            have established so man may become prepared when at his ease.

Seek and you shall find; 

       read and you will hear My Spirit speak; 

             ask and you shall receive the promises of God and the giftings of My Holy Spirit.”


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