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The Chemistry of Man (28.4.11)

“The chemistry of man has its origins in the chemistry of God.

The chemistry of man has discoveries prompted by God,

                                    has discoveries thought to have been from mistakes,

                                    has discoveries thought to have been accidental,

                                    has discoveries thought to have been by chance.

The discoveries were of importance to the onward development of man,

                                                          to his comprehension,

                                                          to his experiments which tested,

                                                          to his experiments which evaluated,

                                                          to his experiments which proved a thesis,

                                                          to his experiments which sounded a death knell for a concept.

The discoveries were of importance in providing the ways and means,

                                                          in providing the channels of exploration,

                                                          in providing the rewards of research.

The discoveries were of importance in the feeding of man,

                                                          in the clothing of man,

                                                          in the building of man,

                                                          in the environment of man.

The chemistry of man is based on the building blocks of God,

                                                       the assorted blocks of God,

                                                       the aligned blocks of God,

                                                       the interwoven blocks of God,

                                                       the replicating blocks of God,

                                                       the structured blocks of God,

                                                       the storage blocks of God,

                                                       the functioning blocks of God,

                                                       the duplicating blocks of God,

                                                       the pattern blocks of God,

                                                       the structural blocks of God,

                                                       the specific blocks of God.

The chemistry of man is based on the sensing blocks of God,

                                                       the control blocks of God,

                                                       the switching blocks of God,

                                                       the emitting blocks of God,

                                                       the receptor blocks of God,

                                                       the filtering blocks of God,

                                                       the transfusing blocks of God,

                                                       the measuring blocks of God,

                                                       the signal blocks of God,

                                                       the defending blocks of God,

                                                       the expanding blocks of God,

                                                       the shrinking blocks of God,

                                                       the transparent blocks of God,

                                                       the weaving blocks of God,

                                                       the coloured blocks of God,

                                                       the allocating blocks of God,

                                                       the sharing blocks of God,

                                                       the changing blocks of God.

The blocks of God are all discoverable by man except for one withheld in wisdom,

                                                                            except for one of destiny which holds a mystery of God,

                                                                            except for one with which man would play with at his peril,

                                                                            except for one which holds the seeds of his destruction,

                                                                            except for one which is kept beyond his reach,

                                                                                                   is kept beyond his grasp,

                                                                                                   is kept as once was an apple on a tree.

The block of God which carries life is forbidden to man to touch,

                                                          will cause him great despair,

                                                          will bring him no honour from his peers,

                                                          will bring the wrath of God down upon all which he holds dear,

                                                                                                      all who he holds dear,

                                                                                                      all with whom he shares,

                                                                                                      all who would stand upon his stepping stone.

The block of God which carries life is not for the trial and error of man –


                                                                                       do not break;

                                                                                       do not shatter;

                                                                                       do not peel,

                                                                                       do not dissect;

                                                                                       do not introduce;

                                                                                       do not pierce;

                                                                                       do not dismember.

For so will he and they be cursed within the wrath of God:

                                                    for their meddling minds;

                                                    for their ignorance of knowing not what they may bring to pass –

                                                                                                    what may be the end result.”


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