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The Window of Wonder (26.1.10)

1  “The Window of Wonder is the portal of the pain,

                                                 the mounting of the miracle.

      The entrance of excitement to the viewing of the vastness -

      Seen as the footprints of the frost on the pane of perseverance -

      Where the glass of gladness with the lustre of the light then denies the darkness.

2  The Window of Wonder requires the residue of the whittling of the wood,

      From the searching of surrounds,

                                                  to the timber of the test.

      The artist of allure sketches the foam of freedom -

      Where the bridge of beauty glows,

                                  in the evening of the estuary,

                                                         for the glory of the guest.

3  The Window of Wonder knows a site of solitude,

                                                      the act of aspiration,

      While the roaming of a roadway uncovers the deserted of the dust -

      There in the xeriscape of Xanadu lie the puddles of the prudent -

      And the ubiquity of the usurper in the vale of vapour encounters the tomb of trust.

4  The Window of Wonder discloses the day of dreams,

                                                           the afternoon of abundance

      From the excitement of the earnest comes the secret of the sunlight -

      Where the hut of happiness shelters beside the mount of memory -


              on the isle of inspiration,

                      is the origin of openness and the treasure of the twilight.

5  The Window of Wonder is the setter of the scene within the morning of the mountains;

      Clothed in the mists of mystery are heard the cacophony of calls -

      For the river of the ruggedness carries the rafting of the race -

      By the peak of perfection in the mourning of magnificence is seen the festooning of the falls.

6  The Window of Wonder highlights the meal of memories as the breakfast of the balcony,

      While the capture of the climate enhances the gale of greeting in the valley of the vision.

      The city of compassion beyond the cape of care,

      Sees the bastions of the bashful bow to the festivities of the faithful in the timescale of transition.

7  The Window of Wonder has the shutters of the shadows,

                                                                         has an inlet of insistence 

      Beside the harbour of hope,

                          for the locality of latitude and the nativity of the night.

      The wail of whales knows the keeper of the kingfish

      And the testing of tranquillity - 

          along the shore of sifting sands guarded by the dolphins of delight.

8  The Window of Wonder lifts the vehemence of victory from being a curtain of containment.

      Applying the fire of fervency is the lamplighter of the lane

      Who brings the wind of weeping,

                                                with the wave of wonder,

      On the yeast of youth - 

                                on the graciousness of grey: 

                                                    as the glory on the grateful of the grain.”


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