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A Moment of Inspection (19.5.10)

“The trials of man arise from the miscreant.

The miscreant searches for opportunities to dispossess,

                                      for opportunities to curry favour,

                                      for opportunities to call from across the way.

Man is prone to listen to a wayward call,

                                        a call of enticement,

                                        a call to crossover,

                                        a call to leave the way for a moment of inspection.

A call to leave the way is fraught with the danger of the follow-up:

                                      passes the whip hand to a flagellant;

                                      camouflages the pathway of return;

                                      obscures the light placed for the feet.

A moment of inspection rebounds as a test of will,

                                       quickly turns into a habit,

                                       succumbs in euphoric relaxation.

A moment of inspection leads to further invitations,

                                       leads to the tempting of the body with the consent of the soul,

                                       leads to the hiding of dark secrets previously not known.

A moment of inspection is the pre-cursor of addiction -

                                           the numbing sting that curdles the life-blood of man -

                                           the setting of a tripwire above a staircase without a landing.


The staircase without a landing is designed to cripple man,

                                                                      to fracture what is brittle,

                                                                      to hunch a broken back,

                                                                      to deposit in a wheel chair with a needle beside a bed.

Beware the trials of man that come with a hidden cost.

Beware the trials of man that wreck both the body and the soul.

Beware the trials of man that know no recompense for suffering,

                                                offer no escape route,

                                                imprison the spirit and the soul within the glove.

Beware the foe of strategy that places man right at the cliff-edge,

                                                                                     where no safety rail exists,

                                                                  as the sea foams on inviting rocks of an extended destiny.”


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