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Facilities Unknown (8.9.11)

“The bed of man is a rarity on the earth,

                            is mostly a construct of unfamiliarity,

                            is in use only by the few.

The bed of man speaks of allocation of a room, 

                                      of comfort piled on comfort,

                                      of facilities unknown so therefore absent from the dreams.

Facilities unknown can not be the source of envy,

                                can not give rise to jealousy,

                                can not imagine water from a tap,

                                can not select the choice of heat.

Facilities unknown are open to discovery,

                                may be seen as images from afar,

                                may be carried by the voice upon return,

                                may be the subject of reports as a source of wonder,

                                may be the seat of miracles when there is little understanding,

                                may be made into a god with its form of worship.

Facilities unknown may venture into territories of inspection,

                                may announce the presence of their being,

                                may encourage acquisition by adaption,

                                may be sought as desirable in the eyes of the beholder,

                                may bring about a change in the environment,

                                may populate a vacuum of experience.

Facilities unknown within an enclave speaks of a barrier between an enclave with existence,

                                                     speaks of an isolation,

                                                     speaks of a rejection,

                                                     speaks of a separation,

                                                     speaks of a mystery of advantage,

                                                     speaks of a lack of knowledge.

Facilities unknown on earth may be known in heaven.

Facilities unknown in the kingdom of darkness may be known in the kingdom of light.

Facilities unknown in mortality may be known in eternity.

So what is rare upon the earth may be common in heaven.

So what is undreamt of on the earth may populate the heavens.

So what is practical on the earth may be impractical in heaven.

For as facilities unknown question knowledge unrevealed,

                                          so the discovering of facilities confirm the surfacing of knowledge.”


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