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The Age of Grace (25.12.09)


      The Lord Jesus,

           speak to the hearts of man this day.


      The Lord Jesus,

           speak to the souls of man this day.


      The Lord Jesus,

           speak to the spirit of man this day.

           For this day has it been said that the heart of man,

                                                                the soul of man,

                                                                the spirit of man should accept the grace offered to man while it is today.

           The sins of man accumulate and are written on the slate of eternity.

           The slate of eternity can be erased.

           The slate of eternity is not written in the dust.

           The slate of eternity bears witness of what is thereon written,

                                                                   of the infractions of the soul,

                                                                   of what has not been erased from the sight of angels before they are asked

                                                                                                                                to read the inscriptions laid before them.

           The slate of eternity has status as a drafting gate for the destiny of man which always –

                                                                                                                          causes diversion when inscribed –

                                                                                                                          permits free passage when erased.

           An inscription always restrains the expectations of man,

                                   always brings the conviction of the soul of man,

                                   always deafens the call of man from within the dungeons of despair,

                                   always results in the lost soul of man even with but a single line of entry,

                                   always brings tears to the eyes of those who will abide by the eternal impact of freewill on the

                                                                                                                                                                    immortality of man.

           The sins of man have been defined.

           The sins of man have been discouraged.

           The sins of man have been forsworn.

           The sins of man are not accepted in the presence.

           The sins of man have been resolved to man’s advantage.

           The sins of man may still become a burden.

           The sins of man can be erased by grace.

           The journey of each man should lead to the company of the saints.

           The company of the saints should prepare to be a bride.

           The bride should be as the stars at night –

                                                         each secure in its place.

           The stars at night declare the works of God.

           The works of God do not envisage that man should be as a falling star.

           A falling star,

                      in its fall from grace,

                               will meet a fiery end.

           A fiery end is not the will of God.

           The journey of each man reflects the inclinations of his soul,

                                                                 the conflicts of his heart,

                                                                 the heeding of his spirit,

                                                                 the care-taking of his body.

           The journey of man is built upon the relationships of man,

                                                                           with a spouse,

                                                                           with the offspring of the womb,

                                                                           with his fellow man.

           The journey of each man is determined by his freewill,

                                                                                the clearness of his sight,

                                                                                the acuteness of his hearing,

                                                                                the counselling he sought.

           The journey of each man results in a character attained,

                                                                in wealth departing at the grave or awaiting where stored within a storehouse,

                                                                in wisdom that honours the counselling heeded within his spirit.

           The journey of each man is judged before the tribunal of God for sin carried throughout mortality.

           The carried sin of man causes great loss to man,

                                                 prevents a relationship with God,

                                                 shuts down an open heaven,

                                                 prevents a walk of righteousness,

                                                 does not accept a covenant of offering,

                                                 forsakes access to the Grace of God.

           The carried sin of man speaks of fleshly desires,

                                                            of a carnal nature,

                                                            of lust,

                                                            of gods within his life that are served until the grave,

                                                            of denial of the God he does not desire to know.

           The carried sin of man restricts man’s freedom to a lifetime wherein he lives with freedom of expression.

           The carried sin of man preserves a captive to his sins.

           The carried sin of man prevents an extended voyage of discovery.

           The carried sin of man denies access to ancestral relationships.

           The carried sin of man denies access to descendants.

           The carried sin of man is an horrific price to pay in the light of what will be foregone.

           The age of Grace continues until the end of man’s mortality.

           The age of Grace is closed by the coming of The Lord.

           The age of Grace is serviced by the gifts of The Spirit.

           The age of Grace denotes the time frame of acceptance.

           The age of Grace offers all the fruit of acceptance.

           The age of Grace separates the sheep from the goats,

                                                       the wheat from the tares,

                                                       the righteous from the iniquitous.

           The age of Grace carries the cleansing power for man.

           The age of Grace began with an empty tomb –

                                                      shed by a risen King.

           The age of Grace ends for a new beginning –

                                                      the instigation of a throne heralding the coronation of the Bride.

                      As the record stands,

                                            so shall it declare before the face of man.

                      Neither the gainsaying of man nor the martyring of the saints of The Lord will fortify the gates of hell.

                      What is,


                                       and shall not be undone by the whimperings of man –

                                                                                   the activities of demons –

                                                                                   the invocations of Satan.”


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