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The Body of Man 3 - A Temple (18.12.08)

“The enemy of man would stalk the halls of entry of the body of man.

  The enemy of man is no respecter of man.

  The enemy of man records each success.

           The enemy of man is not easily repelled,

                                          is not easily evicted,

                                          is not easily overcome.

           Overcoming the enemy of man restores function to the body,

                                                              enables full recuperation,

                                                              confirms the restoration as a gift of God.

           Pain is the signature of the enemy of man,

           infection running wild is the signature of the enemy of man.

           Failure of the function of a room is the signature of the enemy of man.

           The signature of the enemy of man can be erased from that on which it is written.

           Man should not carry the signature of the enemy of man.

           Man should crave for freedom from the signature that convicts.


Man can regain freedom with care and understanding,

                                                obedience and defiance,

                                                faith and repentance.

Success does not come through the shortcuts of man.

Success does not come from the anguish of the soul.

Success does not come from partial movements of the lips.

Success comes from the desire of the heart,

                                  the contriteness of the spirit,

                                  the warmth of the welcome,

                                  the mastery of the soul.

The house with all its rooms or the temple with its chambers,

                                                                       can both be cleansed and purified from the virus of the foe.

           The virus of the foe comes in many different clothes.

           The virus of the foe should not be placed in wardrobes.

           The virus of the foe should be seen for what it is.

           The virus of the foe should not be let to incubate.

           The virus of the foe has a deadliness of purpose.

           The virus of the foe does not accept responsibility.

The house should be repainted.

The house should be refurnished.

The house should be trimmed to size.

The house should be re-piled.

The house should be maintained so function is retained.

The house should be made inviting for a guest that may come and stay.

The temple has a guest that is at home.

The temple should be maintained so function is retained.

The temple may need to be renewed,

                   may need a coat of paint,

                   may need water-blasting first.

The temple has foundations that need to be reinforced.

The temple has walls that may need straightening.

The temple has a roof that may sometimes leak,

                                    that may result in the catching of a cold,

                                    that may give reason for reflection.

The temple should not lean,

                   should be erect,

                   should not cast a shadow.

The temple should not harbour a rubbish bin within.

The temple should not have a signature hidden in a wardrobe.

The temple should be full of light,

                   should be fitted with loudspeakers that broadcast to the world,

                   should be a lighthouse to the ships at sea,

                   should point to a safe haven in a foggy world.

The temple is protective.

The temple carries honour.

The temple is worthy of admiration,

                       worthy of a future,

                       worthy of great care.

The signatures of the foe can be erased through a fourfold pronged attack that repents,



                                                                                                                             renews or repairs:

                                                                                                                         by repentance for the lack of maintenance,

                                                                                                                                                      the lack of care,

                                                                                                                                              the lack of appreciation of the home.

Repentance is a change of heart,

                          commitment to repair,

                        an urgency to clean,

                                          to prevent contamination,

                                          to keep the defences of the halls of access in pristine condition.

Confession of repentance is announced by the lips,

                                             gauged by the actions,

                                             confirmed by the heart,

                                             rejoiced over by the spirit,

                                          modifies the soul.

           Confession of faith is the adjunct to repentance.

The eviction of the foe is by the commanding prayer of faith,

                                              the commanding prayer accepted,

                                              the commanding prayer of completion issued with authority in the Name above all Names.

           The evictor does not need to converse with an evictee.

The renewal or repair of the house and of the temple is the will of God manifested in the life of man.

           Renewal or repair is accomplished by the prayer of earnestness,

                                                                                         of sincerity,

                                                                                         of righteousness.

                     The prayer that is as incense in a golden bowl.

                      A prayer that is in agreement reaches past the heavens.

                      A prayer that requires,

                                     that seeks,

                                     that deserves,

                                               a miracle in the life of man is carefully considered by The Word.”


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