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The Body of Man 4 - Protected (19.12.08)

“The body of man is not endowed to flee.

The body of man is not endowed to scent the wind.

The body of man is not endowed with a skin of camouflage.

The body of man is endowed to think.

The body of man is endowed to wield.

The body of man is endowed to take dominion.

The body of man is not endowed to crawl,

                            is not endowed to slither,

                            is not endowed to swim.

The body of man is not endowed to fly,

                            is not endowed to lie in wait,

                            is not endowed for stealth.

The body of man is endowed to talk,

                            is endowed to sing,

                            is endowed to play.

The body of man is endowed to stand,

                            is endowed with self,

                            is endowed with the awareness of God.

The body of man is for a wondrous journey.

The body of man can change form and appearance.

The body of man is for supervision and command. 

The body of man has been prepared by God.

           The soul knows the potential of the body of man.

           The spirit regards as precious the body of man.

           The mind must learn the value of the body of man.

           The foe has the body of man targeted for destruction prior to its transition to a higher state.

           The target for destruction is again to separate man from God,

                                                                  to nullify the sacrifice of God,

                                                                  to make forever permanent the loneliness of man.

           The enemy of man has no mercy.

           The enemy of man is constant in harassment.

           The enemy of man has successes when he shouldn’t.

           The enemy of man has a future that is foretold.

           Foolish are they who befriend,


                                              do not evict the entity of spirit whose future has been so declared.

                         The entity of spirit,

                                     the immortal entity of spirit,

                                     the enemy of man,

                            has a place prepared for him that is not to his satisfaction.

           Foolish are they who choose to follow the vicious entity of rebellion to that place preserved,

                                                                                                                               to that place reserved,

                                                                                                                               to that place that imposes,

                                                                                                                                                    that inflicts,

                                                                                                                                                    that exacts,

                                                                                                                                            just tribulation for decisions made.

           Foolish are they who do not recover while they can,

                                      who do not listen when they hear,

                                      who do not decide to act without procrastination.

           The foolish will regret –

                                             the stupidity exhibited in their mortality –

                                             the misspending of their youth –

                                             the loss of opportunity –

                                                  as they stand before a judgement throne that is unlikely to reprieve.

           The foolish are in denial of their God,

                                    have chosen other Gods,

                                    have accepted the fate of Satan.

           The foolish are called to repent,

                                    to walk a higher path,

                                    to build on their potential within the framework of creation that leads home to an existence in the

                                                                                                                                                presence of the Three-in-One.

           The foolish are in mortal danger of allowing the stealth of procrastination to remove their opportunity of Grace.”


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