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The Coming of The Turmoil (19.2.09)

“The coming of the turmoil is closer than is thought,

                                             brings grief for the unprepared,

                                             frees the hands of the iniquitous,

                                             brings sanctity of purpose,

                                             carries tribulation on its wings,

                                             warns of upheavals across the lands.

The coming of the turmoil destroys the trust of neighbours,

                                            imposes trust in God,

                                            will be recognized by all,

                                            changes governments and thrones,

                                            invests the weak with Kingdom authority,

                                            vacates the ways of man.

The coming of the turmoil metes out the ways of God,

                                            is the rampage of the souls,

                                            is the cowering of the spirits,

                                            is the boldness of the foe,

                                            convicts man of the right to govern,

                                            satiates man’s lust.

The coming of the turmoil vindicates the righteous,

                                            strengthens the woebegone,

                                            gives voice to the cry for peace,

                                            awaits in the calm before the storm,

                                            ushers in the flames of man,

                                            ushers in the assaults of man.

The coming of the turmoil ushers in the atrocities of man,
                                           encounters the call of hope,

                                           encounters the call of faith,

                                           encounters the cry that cannot be ignored,
                                           will terminate with the new dawn,
                                           terminates upon a single command.

The coming of the turmoil terminates with the rider who is just,

                                                                     the rider who is faithful,

                                                                     the rider who is mounted on a steed seen to be white.”


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