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The Eggs of Life (20.4.10)

“The eggs of life are a sacred trust. 

The eggs of life are there to free man from a clone. 

The eggs of life bring divergency to the habitation of each soul. 


The eggs of life are not there to be gathered for later use, 

                          are not to be placed within an ampoule, 

                          are not to be placed in a frozen bed. 

The eggs of life are to be nourished after the sperm of life is placed within the confines of the marriage bed of honour. 


The eggs of life should not be pierced outside the grand design of life, 

                                                              within a laboratory of construction, 

                                                                so the cell of life has foreign matter imposed within its way. 

The eggs of life should not be bartered by the bride, 

                          are not for an enticement of exchange, 

                                   a commitment to a contract that breaches the vows of man. 


The eggs of life are the life force of the womb, 

                                the progenitor of man, 

                                the letter of containment which protects the variance of change.


The eggs of life are not the playthings of the bride, 

                          are not there to be preserved, 

                          are not there to be referred, 

                          are not there to be reinserted at a time when deemed convenient. 


The eggs of life have numbers that decline, 

                          set a timescale for their availability for development within a plan, 

                          determine the motherhood of man with cycles of opportunity that are often designed 

                                  to fail by an unreceptive womb. 


The wombs of woman will need to justify their stance of rejection, 

                                                                                       of curtailment, 

                                                                                       of planting out of season, 

                                                                                       of planting out of time: 

                                           when the records will fully testify without the signing of deception - 

                                           when the attendants usher all into the light.”


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