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The Experience of Man (30.4.11)

“The experience of man in all of his efforts,

                                       in all of his productions,

                                       in all of his creations speaks of his mind at work,

                                                                          speaks of the application of intelligence,

                                                                          speaks of intelligent design with deliberate intent.


Yet within his environment open to his senses he decries all which he perceives;

                                                                               decries the works of another outside his sphere of influence;

                                                                               decries the speaking into existence;

                                                                               decries all of his surroundings,

                                                                                                                      together with himself,

                                                                     to the random branching of the fall of chance.


Yet the experience itself of man holds proof he has the ability to speak into existence:

                                                                       he has enabled his computers to follow sequencing of commands,

                                                                                                                       to construct the algorithms to hear his voice,

                                                                                                                       to act in line with his spoken word,

                                                                                                                       to create according to his will,

                                                                                                                       to create much faster than his hands,

                                                                                                                       to modify instructions which have gone before.


For man in his self-centredness subscribes to the belief of fools –

                                                to which the application of common sense should indicate the falsity.


For man in his stupidity would rather disregard the uniqueness of his surroundings:

                                       would rather allocate such to a merry mix of liquids which brought forth life;

                                       would rather not admit to dependency on a superior intelligence;

                                       would rather be as one who still would see the earth as flat around which everything revolves;

                                       would rather accept a myriad of interwoven life forms –

                                                                             of which he himself could not conceive within his mind;

                                       would rather quite seriously assert all are derivations gestated within the womb of time;

                                       would rather postulate their appearance with neither rhyme nor reason –

                                                                             just solely as a chance encounter with an uncharted survival need.


So the cell of life displays minimized complexity beyond which it will not work.

So stones arranged in patterns are taken as intent.

So the existence of an ultimate diminution in complexity should set the mind of man in motion as to how it came to be,

                                                                                            should make him dissatisfied with his theory:

                a theory of senseless derivation which does not explain all which is encountered by man in his environment –

                a theory which needs to be warped,

                                                       to be twisted,

                                                                       even unto fracture,

                                                                                   in order to conform with the prejudice of man.”


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