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The Fall of Empires (4.9.11)

“The fall of empires is rarely the work of God,

                                  is rarely the will of God,

                                  is rarely at the behest of God.

The fall of empires often lies within the machinations of man,

                                                                                       of all which has gone before,

                                                                                       of wayward behaviour typed as normal,

                                                                                       of dealings in the darkness,

                                                                                       of decay met by indifference,

                                                                                       of extensions in authority which ignored the cost.

The fall of empires facilitates the growth of nations,

                                facilitates the diversity of cultures,

                                facilitates the welcoming of freedom.

The fall of empires terminates the tyrant,

                                terminates the imposition of the law,

                                terminates the speaking in a foreign tongue,

                                terminates the demands for taxes,

                                terminates the armies of might,

                                terminates the terror of the night.

The fall of empires brings joy to the governed,

                                brings sadness at demise,

                                brings potential to experiment,

                                brings exuberance at the content of the morrow.

The fall of empires sees a page that turns on history,

                                sees the passing of command,

                                sees the farewelling of extravagance,

                                sees the raising of a generation within the bounds of promise.

The fall of empires sees the dismissing of the guard,

                                sees the doors unlocked,

                                sees the files come to the fore,

                                sees the absence of the curfew,

                                sees the dancing in the streets,

                                sees the army in its barracks.

The fall of empires speaks of a new beginning,

                                transfers the seat of power,

                                inaugurates the dissident,

                                straightens all the armchairs,

                                secures the empty palace,

                                restructures the citadels of injustice,

                                targets harmony and peace.

The fall of empires can be of short duration,

                                can be extensively drawn out,

                                can be split in fragmentation,

                                can be dealt with as a whole.

The fall of empires can be met with bloodshed,

                                can be when life is put in peril,

                                can be through the sword of man,

                                can be in the presence of The Spirit –

                                                                              without the loss of life.”


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