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The Final Birth of Man (12.7.10)

“The beginning of time flows from the will of God.

The beginning of time did not exist before it had significance,

                                                         before there was a need with understanding,

                                                         before there was a need for recall of what became the past.

The beginning of time had no relevance until man began his journey of remembrance.

The beginning of time is a recent occurrence in the existence of the earth,

                                                                 in the preparation of the earth,

                                                             in the development of resources in the storehouse to be used by man.

The beginning of time leads to a timed continuum,

                                     leads to the end of time when time lapses into a new dimension of the spirit of man.

Time lapses at a new beginning,

                    at a new status of intelligence without mass as its preemptor,

                    at a new concept of existence where the data of the ages portrays what is,

                                   where the data of the ages furnishes the collected senses of the spirit and the soul that have shed their
                                                                                                                                                           mortal glove,

                                   where the data of the ages serves the intelligence of the spirit of man in a new reality of perception,

                                   where the data of the ages serves up images upon request -

                                                                 creates links of knowledge with other centres of intelligence,

                                                                 creates the ambience of awareness in surroundings of amazement,

                                                                 creates access to the galaxies of wonder where ‘the end’ no longer has a meaning.

In wisdom will the wise prepare.

In wisdom will the wise ponder on their onward journey.

In wisdom will the wise follow in the footsteps leading to eternity.

In wisdom will the wise appreciate the offer available in grace,

                                        appreciate the time frame which is about to close,

                                        appreciate the mortality of man which succumbs to the final birth.

The final birth of man does not guarantee a destiny of particularity,

                                    does not guarantee escaping the destiny of default,

                                    does not guarantee life within the spirit.

The final birth of man should be predicated upon an informed choice,

                                                                   upon an act of covenant,

                                                                   upon an act of faith,

                                                                   upon a commitment to acceptance of a sacrifice made for the benefit of man.

The final birth of man from within the grave,

                                                denotes the maturity of man,

                                                denotes a selection for a destiny from within the drafting gate of souls,

                                                denotes a destiny which can no longer know the winds of change.”


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