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The Fire of The Harvest (9.2.11)

“The days of conflagration fall upon the earth,

   the days of conflagration seize the earth,

   the days of conflagration spread across the earth.

For in these days of the season of My prophets will the fire of My Spirit attend the prophet’s call.

For in these days of the storm of prophecy does the fire of heaven settle to become the storm of fire.

For in these days of the fireball in the wilderness does My Spirit’s torch bring the fire of heaven to the earth.

For in these days does the torch of The Holy Spirit become a fireball from the heavens,

                            does the fireball from the heavens become a firestorm on the earth,

                            does the firestorm on the earth become a conflagration across the peoples,

                                                                                                           the nations,

                                                                                                           the tongues upon the earth.

                                                 So the Tongue of Fire ignites across the earth.

Blessed are those of My servants who know,

                                                     who can speak,

                                                     who can recognize,

                                                     who have so practised to construct:

   the vocabularies of man in order they may issue as the fire-stream of The Spirit from their mouths.

So the fire-stream of The Holy Spirit will hold each populace in awe,

                                                                    hold each populace as statues,

                                                                    hold each populace frozen in position on legs that cannot move.

              So they cannot move as they want,

               so they do not move as they can;

               so they see the fire of God bouncing from head to head,

                                                          running down their backs,

                                                          running up their arms.

              So they see the fire of God –

                                                     the drafting fire of God –

                                         testing the faith of man,

                                         testing the commitment of man:

                              as the fire of God brings some to scream in terror –

                                                                                to roll upon the earth;

                                                              while others leap and dance in the joy of celebration –

                                                                                                                               with their arms upraised.

So the fire of God separates the dross from what is of value.

So the fire of God divides or multiplies.

So the fire of God both denies and confirms.

So the fire of God dismisses or enrols the heart of man.

For as the fire of God is visible to man,

                           so the understanding of his heart either shadows his face in terror,

                                                                                or displays the fulfilment of his walk of triumph –

                                                                                                with his garland firmly on his head –

                                                                                                with his crown in store.

For as the fire of God precedes His majesty,

                                                   His power;

                            so the angel of The Lord,

                                                            the semblance of The Holy Spirit,

                          swings his sharp-edged sickle in the determining of His lowering and of His raising:

                                                                                           of those who brought rejection,

                                                                                           of those who brought acceptance,

                                                                                                       to the table of The Lord.

So the mortality of man –

                               under the casting of the freewill of his character –

                brings the replay of his walk:

                               which either confines the soul to darkness,

                                         or liberates the spirit with the soul into The Son’s light of The Father.”


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