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The Flash Call to The Body (24.5.10)

“The waters of the earth are dangerous to man when present in excess.

         Many things with which man plays,



                                                                are dangerous to man,

                                                                are threatening to his life,

                                                                           when present in excess.

Man should not be present in environments which are threatening to his life,

                                                environments where he cannot retain control,

                                                                      where he is subject to great forces which far outstrip his musculature

                                                                                                                                or the density of his bones.

Man shows no wisdom,

        uses little knowledge,

              in the quest for thrills that stimulate his body.

The compounds of the body of man are carefully controlled,

                                                          are there to adjust a stance,

                                                          are there to boost man’s protective capabilities as in an instant impulse to withdraw the hand
                                                                                                                                                                                               from fire,

                                                                                                                                                            to shutter the open eye.

For such as these are not to be abused by man,

                             are there for when it takes too long to shout for ‘help’,

                             are there for when the need for preservation issues a flash call to the body.

Man shows little knowledge when he permits,


                                                                   false flash calls to the body.

Repeated flash calls to the body alter the response time of survival,

                                                    alter the protection of response,

                                                    alter the effectiveness of the body’s call.

Repeated flash calls to the body drain the body of reaction,

                                                    reduce the stimulation of the brain,

                                                    do not increase the heart beats when stress is very near.

Wise are they who do not tinker with a ‘rush’,

                       who do not pester for a ‘high’,

                       who do not treat the body as a plaything to feed the brain.”


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