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The Frustrations of God (11.12.08)

“The frustrations of God echo within the heavens.

The frustrations of God return to the sender,

                                       return with blessings not received,

                                       return without progression.

The frustrations of God do not see development.

The frustrations of God see stagnation at its worst,

                                       see procrastinations without achievement,

                                       see callings remaining vacant,

                                       see callings partially fulfilled,

                                       see callings resigned,

                                       see servants uncommitted,

                                       see serving without excellence.

The frustrations of God see sheep that refuse discipleship:

                                             prophets that do not speak;

                                             evangelists that do not go;

                                             teachers that do not teach,

                                                                  do not prepare,

                                                                  do not impart;

                                              shepherds that do not dip the sheep,

                                                               that do not dag the sheep,

                                                               that only count the sheep.

           Much is expected from those who are called by God.

           Much will be required from those who accept a calling with crossed fingers and thereby block it for another.

           Much will not be given to those who bring reluctance with their call.

The frustrations of God do not carry mercy to the unrepentant.

The frustrations of God exercise His patience,

                                       tire out His other servants,

                                       delay the audition of the Kingdom of God.

The frustrations of God lead to repeated dress-rehearsals.

The frustrations of God will come to an end,

                                       will be excised from the flock,

                                       will not be seen within His bride.

The frustrations of God are counted as sin.

The frustrations of God –

                                the attitude of the saints,

                                the commitment of the saints,

                                the development of the saints,

                                the service of the saints,

                                the timeliness of the saints,

                                the utterances of the saints,

                                the saints without their references:

                                                         will live outside the flock.

           Wise are they who retain a foot-hold within the flock.

           Wise are they who protect their references –

                                         do not have them shredded,

                                         do not have them stolen,

                                                    neither drop nor lose them on the journey.

           Wise are they who can tender references in a golden scroll.”


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