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The Games of Young Men (26.4.10)

“The games that young men play speak of a waste of time, 

                                                      speak of a waste of lifestyle, 

                                                      speak of a waste of manhood. 

The games that young men play in the shadows of antennae waste the youth of man, 

                                                                                                 waste curriculums of study, 

                                                                                                 waste the abilities inherent in the spirit of man.

For such games carry introductions to the caverns of man’s hell, 

                                                              the caverns of man’s violence, 

                                                              the caverns of man’s pornography. 

Beware the caverns of man which prostitute the eyes of man, 

                                             which feed the habits of man, 

                                             which capture the soul of man in the outposts of isolation.

Young men should show wisdom in the games they play: 

                                                                games with the intent to build the spirit, 

                                                                                                    to stretch the soul, 

                                                                                                    to empower the body; 

                                                                games with the intent to share in active fellowship, 

                                                                                                    to share in building memories, 

                                                                                                    to share in the rewards of friendship. 


Young men show their folly when involved with games that feed the coffers of the giants, 

                                                                              games that have no merit of instruction, 

                                                                              games justified with reasons borne of addiction, 

                                                                              games that withdraw a candidate from the qualities of life, 

                                                                              games that seesaw endlessly, 

                                                                                         that have no reality of support, 

                                                                                         that are created to breed the smitten for the promises on notes within their pockets.


Beware of the pouncing of the foe upon those allowed to roam in the jungle of an enclave - 

       the jungle of an enclave encountered in the springtime of their lives as worthy of attention regardless of the cost. 


The Spirit says to man this day, 

        ‘As man’s body is trained so he will become adept, 

          as man’s soul is taught so he will experiment, 

          as man’s spirit is succoured so he will establish honour.’


The games of young men should be monitored in love, 

                                                          guided by experience, 

                                                          overseen for their welfare - 

                                                  that they may grow to maturity without a character developed by the greed of man.”


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